Utilize High Volumes of Data Stored In Images with Image Data Entry Services

August 18, 2014 Data Entry Services, Support Services
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Data is captured from myriad sources and in multiple formats. In a company, there is no dearth in the sources and types of formats that data is stored in. It is in cloud storage, hard drives, flash drives, hard copies, books, images, flyers, forms, and a lot more. But wouldn’t it be nice if all that data is captured and digitized in a format that is easily accessible to the employees in a central location? If you have scores of images that contain critical information, then the dire need of the hour is to capture and digitize the data in a suitable file format for easy access and retrieval.

Through image data entry services, you can convert the scanned images to an output file of your choice, like JPEG, PNG, TIFF, RTF, PDF and GIF. Once the relevant image data is captured, entered and organized in a digital format, it becomes easy for entrepreneurs to access and retrieve business-critical information, as and when required.

To save their time and company’s cost, entrepreneurs prefer outsourcing image data entry task to professionals who offer a wide gamut of services, including:

  • Image data entry
  • Image capturing
  • Image sorting
  • Image storage and retrieval
  • Image indexing
  • Scanned image data entry
  • Image data entry into an Excel spreadsheet or a database
  • Hard copy entry
  • Book and manual entry
  • Image conversion to multiple formats

Choose QuikTek for high-quality image data entry services!

When you choose QuikTek, you choose quality and precision. With our image data entry services, we can help you effectively manage thousands of images, regardless of their format. We use state-of-the-art scanners and the most advanced software for image capture.

For more information about our image data entry services, kindly mail us at mail@quiktekinfo.com.

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