eCommerce Know-How: 4 Ways To Improve Performance of Your Online Store

August 14, 2014 eCommerce Product Data Entry


Shopping from the comforts of one’s home is one of the most alluring things. Customers relish the convenience of online shopping, but those on the other side of the table know that the process is not so easy. Confusing consumer behavior, high bounce rate and shopping cart abandonment are a few barriers hindering the success of eCommerce entrepreneurs. From rightly populating the store to optimizing it for search engines, it requires expertise to manage and update it on a regular basis.

Listed below are four ways through which you can improve the performance of your eCommerce store:

Upgrade your product descriptions

To make an informed choice, buyers look for to-the-point and precise descriptions that highlight product features, specifications and benefits in simple language. So, it is essential for online retailers to ensure that the product descriptions are informative as well as engaging for the readers.

Add coupons and promotional offers

What makes your online store stand out from the rest? While attractive design and engaging content can attract visitors, discounted coupons and promotional offers can compel them to purchase the product before anyone else does. To provide advance shopping experience to your customers, earn customer loyalty and generate revenue, you must update coupon codes, product deals and sale offers on a daily basis.

Add Product Reviews and Ratings

Several studies have shown that adding product reviews and ratings to an eCommerce store help in boosting customer engagement and increasing sales as majority of online shoppers refer to them while making a purchase. So, when you add positive product reviews, they are bound to influence visitor’s buying decision, thus helping you increase sale of products.

Leverage Cross-Selling and Up Selling Opportunities

In brick-and-mortar stores, shoppers are exposed to scores of similar products that can have an effect on their future purchases. You can emulate such a merchandising experience online and create cross-selling and up-selling opportunities that help you increase profits.

For this, you can add related products, recently viewed products, popular items, ‘You may also like this’ section or customers that purchased X also purchased Y and Z.

In a similar fashion, you can create up-selling opportunities to see a direct boost in your sales. For example, if a visitor is booking an economy class trip to Macau for $750, you can provide him an option to pay additional amount of $200 to upgrade to business class and get more comfort. As an up-sell strategy, online merchants also offer free shipping above order of a specific amount.

For an online merchant, factually accurate, content-rich and visually appealing website acts like a marketing and sales tool. It must be reviewed and updated regularly to attract new customers, create brand awareness and drive new sales.

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