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5 Essentials to Launch a New Product Line on eCommerce Store

August 27, 2014 Catalog Processing


It is a part of your daily routine to add new products to your eCommerce store like putting few new sets of chairs in the furniture category or adding a new line of sweat shirts in the men’s section of the website. But now you are planning to launch a new category of baby care products wherein customers can find clothes, toys and books, kids’ furniture and a lot more. So, will you simply add the new category and let your customers find it themselves? Certainly, no! You have to go the extra mile to promote your new product line and attract the right set of customers to meet your sales target.

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Augment Sales with Effective and Compelling Product Descriptions

August 22, 2014 Product Description Writing


Creating an engaging experience for online shoppers is the key to increasing conversion rates. When your store answers all the questions that your visitor may have about your products, then you are most likely to convert the visitor into buyer. Thus, having effective, engaging and compelling product descriptions can help you increase sales and generate higher revenue.

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Get Critical Information at Your Finger Tips with Data Extraction Services

August 19, 2014 Data Entry Services


In the present information-driven business arena, it is a must for entrepreneurs to manage critical data effectively and organize it in a central repository. They must have accurate and complete data, captured from various reliable sources, to make informed business decisions. However, collating valuable and meaningful information from different mediums is not an easy task. It requires a considerable amount of time and efforts to extract data from a multitude of sources and then organize and categorize it on the basis of different preferences and criteria. This is the reason why business owners prefer data extraction services for retrieving information for further processing and storage.

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Utilize High Volumes of Data Stored In Images with Image Data Entry Services

August 18, 2014 Data Entry Services, Support Services


Data is captured from myriad sources and in multiple formats. In a company, there is no dearth in the sources and types of formats that data is stored in. It is in cloud storage, hard drives, flash drives, hard copies, books, images, flyers, forms, and a lot more. But wouldn’t it be nice if all that data is captured and digitized in a format that is easily accessible to the employees in a central location? If you have scores of images that contain critical information, then the dire need of the hour is to capture and digitize the data in a suitable file format for easy access and retrieval.

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eCommerce Know-How: 4 Ways To Improve Performance of Your Online Store

August 14, 2014 eCommerce Product Data Entry


Shopping from the comforts of one’s home is one of the most alluring things. Customers relish the convenience of online shopping, but those on the other side of the table know that the process is not so easy. Confusing consumer behavior, high bounce rate and shopping cart abandonment are a few barriers hindering the success of eCommerce entrepreneurs. From rightly populating the store to optimizing it for search engines, it requires expertise to manage and update it on a regular basis.

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