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Accurate Data Entry Services at QuikTek

February 4, 2015 Data Entry Services

Through its rich array of data entry services, QuikTek helps businesses of all shapes and sizes enter relevant data in suitable file formats like Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Access, etc., while maintaining 99.95% accuracy and complete data security.

Outsource Data Entry Services to Gain Easy Access to Accurate Customer Data

January 31, 2015 Data Entry Services, Support Services

Data Entry Services

Your company’s balance sheet reports current and long-term assets such as property, cash, inventory, account receivable, etc. But one of the most valuable assets – helping you gain competitive edge and reach out to the potential customers – is your data.

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Is It Time to Outsource Your Data Entry Tasks?

January 29, 2015 Data Entry Services, Support Services
Outsource Data Entry Services

India topped the list of countries providing business process outsourcing services to global clients, says 2014 Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations report. Outsourcing routine data entry tasks to reliable third-party Indian providers has emerged as a popular business strategy over the past few years. This is a proven way to free your resources and utilize those in more important business development activities. For a majority of companies based in first world countries, it is not just a choice, but a necessity. Spending too much time on data management can kill your marketing efficiency, affect your productivity, and slowdown your business growth. Here are some signs that your business needs outsourcing data entry tasks.

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Forms Processing: Providing You Valuable Information at Your Fingertips

November 12, 2014 Support Services

Forms Processing Services

Dealing with forms and endless paperwork is certainly not easy. For organizations that are not familiar with the best practices of form processing, it can be needlessly time-consuming and endlessly labor intensive. This makes outsourcing data processing services to specialized vendors an ideal choice. By using modern-day advanced mechanisms, recognition technologies and automated solutions, experts extract and capture data from handwritten, typed or printed forms and transfer it through electronic methods using an FTP server, a Virtual Private Network (VPN), or email.

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Keep a Tab on Prevalent Market Trends with Web Research Services

November 5, 2014 Support Services

Web Research Services

With accurate, real-time competitive intelligence at fingertips, entrepreneurs can make well-informed decisions that keep. Accuracy and reliability are the cornerstones of successful web research. When you are in the midst of decision making, web research and data mining brings you focused market intelligence and accurate industry information. It brings you the most precise and relevant knowledge that always stays true to your requirement. Advanced web research tools, time tested methods and state-of-the-art infrastructure are used to conduct an in-depth research, wherein relevant websites are thoroughly mined to find out accurate industry information, customers’ details and prevalent market trends.

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Data Enrichment- Helping You Improve Business Processes

October 7, 2014 Support Services


Do you know that your business records and customer data have a direct impact on the decision making process and marketing campaigns? As with time, entrepreneurs improve their business processes to boost productivity, they must also refine and enrich the database at regular intervals to maximize efficiency and consistency across the enterprise. The process of enhancing, refining and improving the quality of data is known as data enrichment. It includes validating, standardizing, correcting and updating the information as it plays a pivotal role in determining a business’ growth and success.

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Get Critical Information at Your Finger Tips with Data Extraction Services

August 19, 2014 Data Entry Services


In the present information-driven business arena, it is a must for entrepreneurs to manage critical data effectively and organize it in a central repository. They must have accurate and complete data, captured from various reliable sources, to make informed business decisions. However, collating valuable and meaningful information from different mediums is not an easy task. It requires a considerable amount of time and efforts to extract data from a multitude of sources and then organize and categorize it on the basis of different preferences and criteria. This is the reason why business owners prefer data extraction services for retrieving information for further processing and storage.

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Utilize High Volumes of Data Stored In Images with Image Data Entry Services

August 18, 2014 Data Entry Services, Support Services


Data is captured from myriad sources and in multiple formats. In a company, there is no dearth in the sources and types of formats that data is stored in. It is in cloud storage, hard drives, flash drives, hard copies, books, images, flyers, forms, and a lot more. But wouldn’t it be nice if all that data is captured and digitized in a format that is easily accessible to the employees in a central location? If you have scores of images that contain critical information, then the dire need of the hour is to capture and digitize the data in a suitable file format for easy access and retrieval.

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