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Consumer Reviews and Ratings: Driving Conversions and Boosting Business’s Bottom Line

November 29, 2014 Optimization

For eCommerce businesses, if there is a thread linking increased web traffic, product sales and conversion rates, it’s this: a well-planned and implemented online marketing strategy. And certainly, it is nothing better than putting reviews on your site to boost customer engagement, gain their trust and persuade them to buy from you. By injecting the voice of your customers into online stores through reviews, you can employ the strong pull of word-of-mouth on a much larger scale.

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Online Product Reviews: Influencing Customers’ Buying Decisions Positively, Helping You Augment Sales

November 15, 2014 Optimization

Online Product Reviews

As the eCommerce business environment is constantly evolving, there has been a proliferation of online reviews. According to a survey, 71% of the respondents admitted to getting influenced by product reviews available over the internet as they instill confidence in them on making the right buying decision. Thus, this makes it essential for eRetailers to keep their stores updated with balanced, legitimate and credible product reviews that help customers make buying decisions.

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Forms Processing: Providing You Valuable Information at Your Fingertips

November 12, 2014 Support Services

Forms Processing Services

Dealing with forms and endless paperwork is certainly not easy. For organizations that are not familiar with the best practices of form processing, it can be needlessly time-consuming and endlessly labor intensive. This makes outsourcing data processing services to specialized vendors an ideal choice. By using modern-day advanced mechanisms, recognition technologies and automated solutions, experts extract and capture data from handwritten, typed or printed forms and transfer it through electronic methods using an FTP server, a Virtual Private Network (VPN), or email.

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Keep a Tab on Prevalent Market Trends with Web Research Services

November 5, 2014 Support Services

Web Research Services

With accurate, real-time competitive intelligence at fingertips, entrepreneurs can make well-informed decisions that keep. Accuracy and reliability are the cornerstones of successful web research. When you are in the midst of decision making, web research and data mining brings you focused market intelligence and accurate industry information. It brings you the most precise and relevant knowledge that always stays true to your requirement. Advanced web research tools, time tested methods and state-of-the-art infrastructure are used to conduct an in-depth research, wherein relevant websites are thoroughly mined to find out accurate industry information, customers’ details and prevalent market trends.

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Empower your eCommerce Business with Up-To-Date Product Data

November 3, 2014 Catalog Processing

up-to-dateIt is crucial for eCommerce entrepreneurs to collate and manage data effectively as it helps in generating insights and spotting trends. For example, if you knew the reason behind the increasing number of shopping cart abandonments, you would certainly be able to find out a solution and subsequently, increase sales. Similarly, having accurate, up-to-date and well-managed product catalog helps customers in making buying decisions. For this, product data must be cleansed, normalized, standardized, and enriched at regular intervals.

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