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Amazon Product Listing Optimization in 2020Every year, new sellers take onto the eCommerce giant, making the competition fiercer. Getting your listings noticed by the customers and the Amazon search engine is difficult, but not impossible. All you need is a clear understanding of Amazon listing optimization and a way to get your listings just right. And with 2020 around the corner, it is time to revisit your existing Amazon listings and prepare them for the upcoming competition.

Let’s start with the basic analysis. A reality check, if you will.

Amazon Listing Analysis:

How to Analyse Amazon Listing

Before moving forward with listing optimization for 2020, it is important to see where your listings currently stand. Here are the 4 things that you must check:

1. Sales

Your sales rate will depict a lot about how your listings have been doing. If you have not been getting enough sales despite all your efforts, clearly something’s missing. If your sales rate is satisfactory , it means you’re doing fine and just need to improve a little more to level up as an Amazon seller. Just have a close look at how much profit you’re making.

2.Customer reviews

When your listings get reviews, it means buyers are actually engaging with your products. They are liking what they are getting. If you’re making sales and getting no reviews, it might be a sign that your customers aren’t truly satisfied with your products. Or it might also be the case that you’re not taking a follow up on your product delivery and feedback, which is very important. If you are getting reviews, notice their type. Are they mostly positive? Or mostly negative? Find out what your products are missing.


While most sellers confuse sessions for traffic, it isn’t actually just traffic. Specifically, on Amazon, sessions are the number of times a customer visits an Amazon product page in 24 hours. More sessions mean your product is being seen by the customers and less would mean that the visibility of your product listing is low. The ideal session percentage for listings on Amazon is 12.3%.

4.Unit session ratio

This is to check if the session percentage your listings are getting is working or not. Basically, it is the percentage of units purchased as compared to your sessions.

These 4 metrics will paint quite a clear picture of how your listings have been holding up and what areas need improvement.

Whether or not your product listings on Amazon get ranked depends on two factors: CTR and CR, i.e. Click through rate and conversion rate. Product listings that get more clicks and more conversions get picked first for being ranked higher in the search results. So in other words, your listing must have a high CTR and CR, which is only possible with optimization.

Now that you have all the data at hand, it’s time to start prepping your listings for the upcoming year.

Let’s start with basic research and then level up to Amazon listing optimization:

Competitor and Keyword Research

Analyzing your competitors closely is important if you want to stay ahead of the pack. First of all, you must find out what keywords are trending for your product. You can use an online keyword tool to find keywords that are being searched the most on Amazon. Find out the search volume for each of your targeted keywords. Also, get a close look at the kind of keywords your top competitors are using. Take notes on how you can implement them better with your listings. Read their Q&A section properly and analyze the customers’ pain points so that you can work on them later with your listings. The basic idea is to analyze your competitors deep enough to identify their strong and weak points so that you can leverage them while optimizing your listings.

Catchy Product Title

Revisit your product title. Does it comprise all of the following?

  • Brand name
  • Product name
  • 1-2 targeted keyword
  • Important features
  • Character length under 200

If it doesn’t, then that’s one thing that your product listings have been missing. Frame a descriptive and catchy product title comprising all the aforementioned points. Make sure you don’t write the title in all caps, as that just looks unprofessional and tacky.

Product Description and Bullet Points

Product Description Writing Tips

Another important part of Amazon listing optimization is your product copy. Your bullet points and description must be detailed, compelling, and interesting to read. What’s most important is that they must not simply mention your product’s features, but the benefits associated with the respective features too. Your bullet points must have an attractive sub-heading and a crisp explanation of the same. Your description must be well-formatted and structured in order to promote readability. The use of infographics and other visual elements in encouraged as customers tend to find your copy interesting to read. Also, check if your product copy has been optimized with relevant keywords. Remember not to stuff your copy with keywords. One after every 100 words will do the trick.

Captivating Product Images

Your product images are one of the most important centers of attraction for your customers. Clear, attractive, high-resolution product photos must be put up for each product listing if you want customers to notice it. Getting your product pictures professionally edited by a photo editing expert is recommended if you’re looking to make more sales. So, if you haven’t been doing that as of late, it’s time to do it now.

How to Optimize Amazon Product Images

Get Product Reviews

If your listings are not getting any product reviews, it’s high time you got some. And if you already are getting reviews, get more! The more the better . Send mailers to your customers reminding them to leave a review. In case you have a negative review, make an effort to connect with the customer and resolve their issue. When they’re satisfied, ask them to take the negative review down. The goal is to get as many positive reviews as possible.

Amazon listing optimization doesn’t end there. You see, something new is always up with Amazon. Be it keyword relevance, product descriptions, images, etc., there’s always something new that you can try to grab customers’ attention (without violating any of Amazon’s rules, of course). Research and analyze your competitors as well as the marketplace to discover newer insights and implement new strategies in order to be a star seller on Amazon in 2020.

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