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September 25, 2020 eBay Product Listing Services

ebay product listing services

Undoubtedly, eBay is one of the most pioneer and widely used ecommerce platforms for both buyers and sellers. There are almost 150+ million active users with 17 million organic visitors per month. It is a known fact that eBay holds the adequate potential to serve every requirement of the user. This simply states that an e-commerce seller can enjoy immense opportunities in the marketplace.

Along with this, approximately 50k categories have made it a highly competitive task for the sellers to sell their products here. So, in case you desire to succeed then you should have a high-quality and impactful product listing on eBay. You can also hire professionals for your eBay product listing services. The professionals help you in managing a variety of eBay products data entry tasks efficiently.

What are the benefits of eBay product listing?

There are multiple benefits of eBay product listing services such as:

  • Worldwide marketplace – eBay is one of the renowned E-Commerce platforms that serves its customers globally. This encourages retail sellers to list their products targeted towards various nationalities which means you may be targeting selling from the UK or the US while your target customers are more in India. Despite this, the major advantage of having eBay product listing is that it resolves the shipping problem of the global sellers.
  • Major SEO benefit – listing your products on eBay will help you rank on Google that will simultaneously grab the major SEO benefit to your business.
  • Fixed price and Auction listing – Having a bulk store of products may lead to delay in the listing. However, in that case, you can always opt for a fixed price listing. But what if your stock is limited and its demand is High! In that case, you can get benefits from Auction listing while selling your product on eBay.
  • Builds trust – Despite all the rumors, there is a wide range of people who trust eBay and like to purchase their products from this platform.
  • Cost-Effective – Compared to other e-Commerce platforms, eBay charges an affordable fee for product listing.

How to enhance sales on eBay?

Enhancing selling on eBay involves keeping up the pace and ranking to the top searches. Being a seller, you should be more proactive on eBay if you desire to increase your sales. Other Than this, here are some tips that every seller should consider to enhance their sales on eBay:

  • Fast Shipping – Every buyer looks out for an item with quick turnaround time and eBay guarantees fast delivery for products. The platform also consists of eBay Guaranteed Delivery (EGD) that helps the buyers to filter products by the guaranteed delivery date. The program discovers the delivery time and authorizes customers to search eBay based on their requirements. Here the customers also have the option to switch onto “Guaranteed 3-day delivery” which is usually available at the top of the right corner. Having eBay guaranteed delivery is beneficial because it means giving a boost to the visibility of your product which will simultaneously increase its sale. This helps in standing out in an increasingly competitive market place. But the seller should know that eGD doesn’t come easy, the seller has to meet certain expectations set by eBay.
    • Offer free shipping to earn Fast N free tags for your products – This step will ensure your customers receive quick and convenient delivery of their products. This will help in increasing the visibility of your product by receiving more and more green tags.
  • eBay product listing optimization – Every eBay seller should optimize his or her eBay product data entry to drive organic traffic to their products. It will ultimately enhance their sales and will be easy to get searched by the potential buyers on the website. However, there are some steps to boost your product listing efficiently:
    • Use of keywords – A seller should always focus on keywords, keeping the customer perspective in mind. It should be done professionally as you only have 80 characters for your Meta title. To avoid Irrelevancy, and misleading phrases you can go through your competitors and observe their strategies before choosing your keywords.
    • Attractive images – Upload a perfect and clear picture of your products in high resolution. It is important because the product picture plays a vital role in marketing as it gives the buyer an idea of what you are offering.
    • Detailed information of product – Photos can be deceiving i.e. it is your responsibility to inform your customer about the detailed information related to the product such as its length, width, height, weight, color, and much other information. Moreover, adding extra information related to the product will help to decline the number of returns and hence will improve your sales.
    • Use advertising listing – Advertising listing means eBay sponsored products. Posting ads for your products enhances the exposure up to 30%. Usually, a vendor selling on eBay analyzes the listing to promote and sets an ad rate before launching the campaigns successfully. However, unlike various traditional PPC ads, eBay does not charge the seller until a buyer or shopper clicks or buys the promoted item within 30 days. Promoting listings enhances the visibility of items and is also considered as the most effective method to drive customers.
    • eBay Deals – Being the top E-Commerce marketplace for buyers and sellers, eBay offers daily and weekly deals which are usually on discounted items along with the tag of “Buy It Now”. These items are generally 20-90% off the listing and are shipped free of Cost to the customer. Providing various deals on your items will increase your search on the website and make your product more visible than others.
  • Master your product sourcing – eBay is an amazing platform for product sourcing as it comprises the gold mine of the useful data I. e. information related to the products the customers want to purchase.
  • Address for positive reviews – From a customers point of view, positive reviews/feedback reassures the buyers that you are devoted to serving them effectively. Positive reviews send an affirmative impression to the customer that your firm is better in managing transactions. However, to be a successful eBay retailer, you should aim for more positive reviews. You can also achieve this by requesting feedback from various satisfied buyers.
  • Provide free shipping and extend the return period– To increase your sales or to win more numbers to your customers you should offer a 60 days return policy instead of 20 or 30 days. Simultaneously, free shipping policy can also help you in winning more productive buyers to your product.

You can follow the above mentioned steps to keep your E-Commerce business healthy on eBay. However, to make your sale more productive you can also hire a professional team who have the exposure of serving eBay listing optimization services at an affordable cost. You can mail us your requirement at or else contact our professionals at +44 203 514 2601 / +1 585 283 0055.

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