Top 9 Roles Of eBay VAs You Must Leverage To Increase Your Store Sales Exponentially

December 4, 2020 eBay Virtual Assistant

eBay Virtual Assistant

Intending to outsource your entire eBay store management job to a virtual assistant? Before doing that, you must be well-aware of the various roles an eBay Virtual Assistant (VA) plays to help you reach more buyers and make more sales.

Here’s a list of 9 eBay VAs that you must need to grow your eCommerce store and bring in more revenue:

Listing Optimizer

What you can expect from a listing optimizer is analyzing the listing performance in order to determine the possible issues, recognizing and executing the process, and implementing SEO to augment product listing visibility.

Product Sourcer

When it comes to setting up an online store, the most important thing is to identify the products that your prospects would want to buy. It may seem a five-finger exercise but it isn’t. It requires a knowledgeable product sourcer to recognize the right products for you and make them bestsellers.

As an eBay VA, product sourcers can help identify the most promising products, connect with various manufacturers and suppliers, negotiate prices, and more.

Lead Generation Expert

Reaching your target audience is the essence of an online business. Once your potential customers become aware about your online business and the products you offer, you’ll be on the right track. A lead generation agent does just that!

These eBay virtual assistants are adept at attracting fresh leads as well as promoting the products you intend to sell. They can run marketing campaigns efficaciously and engage the prospects better. So, you should definitely consider investing in a professional lead generation expert.

PPC Agent

Pay-per-click or PPC is an effective way of getting more leads and increasing the customer base. With implementation of PPC campaigns, your eBay store can get exposed to a wider audience and make your store visible to your potential customers. Infact, promoting your products is also possible with PPC.

A PPC specialist can help you with discovering the right audience for you and refine them on the basis of preferences, interests, demographics, and more. In order to get better quality clicks, hiring a PPC agent is the right thing to do.

SEO Specialist

An SEO-optimized website performs much better than the one with no SEO efforts. So, it is necessary to hire an SEO specialist that helps your eBay store in boosting your brand’s visibility and getting better rankings.

It is high time you give SEO a priority for more traffic, and consequently more exposure and chance to reach out to new customers. The role of an SEO expert includes, but not limited to:

  • Conducting extensive product research as well as keyword analysis
  • Design, implement and examine the SEO strategies to implement on eBay and other marketing platforms for maximum effectiveness

Social Media Manager

Social media is without a doubt a robust marketing tool used by businesses to drive relevant traffic to their sites. With a plethora of social media platforms available, it has become easier for businesses to reach more users to promote products, create brand awareness, and whatnot!

A social media manager can be of great help in not only creating captivating social media posts, but also managing the platforms efficiently and getting better engagement. The role of a social media manager includes recognizing the best channels for your target audience, connecting and engaging the appropriate users, and last but not the least, promoting products and driving potential buyers to product pages.

Inventory Management Specialist / Order Fulfillment Manager

Inventory management is the most essential aspect of doing business online. You will need a diligent inventory manager to take care of the time-consuming task of managing inventory. Hiring a dedicated eBay Virtual Assistant (VA) will ensure effective stock management, along with avoiding lack of inventory or overstocking, and keep the things running quite seamlessly for you.

A dedicated order fulfillment manager would analyze the typical sales volumes as well as trends to project the inventory needs, work in close coordination with the suppliers to ensure availability of stock, shipping time, etc., and identify and resolve any issues pertaining to insufficient supplies, faulty products, and more.

Graphic Designer

Nowadays, a creative graphic designer is needed to accentuate the images to please the customers. Since words have been replaced by photos as well as videos, it becomes imperative that high quality product images are used to augment the visual appeal and attract more customers.

Graphic designers must analyze all the features and benefits of products and recognize the various selling points in synchronization with the SEO and social media team. Furthermore, identifying the pain points of customers is also vital to make the most of diverse marketing channels.

Customer Service Specialist

A customer service specialist is actually the voice of your brand. It is important for the specialists to be available to answer your customers’ presales and post sales inquiries. He/she must research your products and the target market thoroughly in order to understand the prevailing as well as potential issues. In addition, he/she must also devise a strategy to address the pressing issues and diminish the potential ones.

The intent is to communicate with the customers in a professional and timely manner and ensure a seamless, exemplary shopping experience.


Running an eBay store is not as easy as it seems. It involves a great deal of time and effort. And if a business owner plans to do it all by himself, he/she would not be able to focus on other critical business activities that need his/her attention. So, in such a scenario, hiring an eBay Virtual Assistant (VA) specialist is a viable thing to do.

QuikTek Info offers effective and affordable eBay inventory management services to make the most out of your listings and capture the attention of your potential buying audience. With a dedicated team of experienced eBay VAs, you will be able to manage all your inventory effectively and seamlessly, and boost store sales. To learn more about our value-driven services, you can simply get in touch with us at

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