What it Takes to Score a Healthy Product Rank on Amazon (And Win The Buy Box)

June 15, 2018 Amazon image editing services, Amazon product upload services

Amazon product upload services

Selling on Amazon in simple terms means, listing and uploading your products, waiting for customers to look them up and purchase them. But what if the wait turns out to be never ending? It may sound scary to any seller that despite selling quality products and providing a good service, their products may not even reach the customers’ shopping cart. The reason is lack of a good search result page rank. If your products don’t show up in search results, buyers won’t be able to find them.

However, there is another way buyers can find your products and maybe purchase them. When a competitor who is selling the same product as yours wins the buy box, your product may show up under “more offers”, basically the action happening in your competitors listing and other sellers are just reduced to a “sidekick”. Instead of relying on narrow chances like this to earn money, it is better to improve them.

Here is what you need to do in order to rank higher and win the buy box:

Revamp your product photos

The trouble with being listed under “more offers” is that your uploaded product image wouldn’t show up. So a customer is redirected to more or less a ghost product, which wouldn’t be reliable and may cause the buyer to think of it as a risk. It brings us to the importance of product photos, without which there is no way for a visitor to understand what is being sold to them. Firstly, the photo editing services you choose should yield outputs well in accordance to Amazon’s guidelines. Quality and context both matter for images, since images can work to full effect only when properly combined with relevant titles and descriptions.

Adjust your pricing

If your prices are competitive, you can win the buy box, the reason being Amazon uses a product search engine, which considers everything from, reviews and keyword relevance to pricing and sales percentage. Customers trying to find themselves a good bargain and a valued service cannot be won with high prices, but merchants also do need to break even considering the amount of costs selling on Amazon incurs. So the prices of your products should always cover operational costs, even if your profit margins are not that huge. Monitoring your competitor’s pricing is also important and you can tweak your prices from time to time in order to give your customers a better deal than your rivals.

Answer customer queries

Customers visiting your product listing come with all sorts of questions, and you should be present to answer their queries. It is an effective way of servicing your customers. A non-responsive Q&A section of your listing means disinterested customers. Things have to be kept rolling if one is to improve their reputation as a seller by extending a helping hand as opposed to ignoring customers. It can impact your reviews too as a seller.

Use keywords to your advantage

The best keyword strategy is the one which considers both highly searched as well as relevant terms. It is either both or none of them, because high search volume keywords without any relevance are just as impactful as white-space to improve your search result position.

Also after choosing the appropriate keywords, their placement should be natural and seldom repetitive. You can use keywords in titles, bullet points and description but in a manner that go well with the tone of your content and don’t seem forced.

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