5 Easy Ways To Write Product Descriptions That Sell

February 8, 2021 Product Description Writing Services

Product Description Writing Services

Do product descriptions impact sales? How do you define a good product description?

No wonder such questions, along with others related to product description writing services, keep popping up in the heads of eCommerce store owners for obvious reasons. Well, if you are one of them, this article is for you.

Here, we will talk about

Writing product description is no rocket science; you just need the right guidance and there you have not just a well-written description but enhanced sales and conversions. But before we discuss some of the ways to write good descriptions, let’s distinguish a good one from a bad one.

What Does a Bad Product Description Look Like?

First things first, let’s get rid of the popular notion that a product description means lengthy paragraphs or fancy words. The basic aim of product descriptions must be to evoke the audience’s interest and inform them about the product’s details including usage, benefits, material, price, etc. A bad product description, however, lacks these aspects.

Let’s consider the following example on Zivame:

The highlighted part or perhaps the heading “ Zelocity Easy Movement Tank Top- Black”. Do you think this is enough to persuade the buyer? Why would a customer(s) buy a product without having any idea about its dimensions, material, fitting or more?

In fact, this isn’t appropriate from the SEO point of view either. People would hardly search for “Zelocity Easy Movement Tank Top- Black”. Thus, along with providing basic details like material or dimensions, using the right keywords is also indicative of a well-written product description.

Let’s make it clear by portraying

An Example of an Effective Product Description

Now that we have given an example of a description that isn’t the right fit, let’s have a look at the below image.

In the example above, you can clearly see that the product name i.e. “Biba Magento & Off-White Checked Salwar Suit with Dupatta”, product details, dimension and other required details are perfectly communicated. By infusing creativity and necessary details into the description, you get a few steps closer to conversions.

Considering the importance of product descriptions, it is crucial to bring forward exceptional ones for your eCommerce store. This is perhaps the reason why eCommerce product description copywriting services or catalog product description writing services are highly sought-after. However, before you outsource or decide to do it in-house, let’s have a look at the top.

5 Ways to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

Know Your Target Audience

When it comes to writing content, the target audience is at the centre, and writing product descriptions is no different. If you don’t know who is going to buy your product, you don’t know what information to include or leave. Your product (description) must address or talk to the buyer in order to make its way to their cart.

This begins with understanding the buyer persona to be able to define which features would interest your potential buyers. As you write the description, consider aspects like:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Interests
  • Education level
  • Language

Considering these will help you incorporate terms that might solve your target audience’s needs and compels them to buy.

Focus on the Product’s Benefits and Features

We understand your excitement, as a store owner, to share with your buyers as many details of the products you are selling. You wouldn’t want to leave any stone unturned in telling the users that your product has some of the most unique features in the market. The buyer, however, is not necessarily interested in all the features. Instead, they want to know how the product will prove beneficial for them. Thus, your description should assure potential buyers that the product will help them and improve their lives in measurable ways.

However, before you get down to writing the descriptions, analyse the product’s features and benefits and see how your product fulfills the buyers’ needs and solves their problems. For every feature you list, see how it will benefit the buyer.

For instance, consider the following descriptions:

Both the examples depict how well the store owner has understood the buyer persona and has precisely translated the features into benefits to persuade customers in the best way possible.

Use Natural Tone and Language

Just read your description once and check what it sounds like. Does it sound like a casual conversation? Or a formal one? Or does it sound like it’s computer-generated?

Well, if it falls in the first category i.e. casual conversation, you are probably on the right track. But if it falls in the later, then it’s time to tweak it a little.

Try creating a conversation by using natural tone and language. This gives the buyers an impression of an ongoing conversation and connects them better with your brand.

Further, you could also use verbiage that resonates with your brand or sounds like you. For instance, see how Gucci does it.

The verbiage used in the product description is focused on legacy, sophistication and vogue. The tone is more elusive and articulates the fact that their target audience is the elite section of the society – which is a part of their branding strategy.

On the other hand, Zara uses very crisp, precise yet detailed description. Also, the entire description is upper case, which is a part of their branding.

So, it is recommended to choose a tone that reflects your brands’ ethos but make sure you remain consistent and make it a part of your branding at every point.

Optimize for Search Engines

Being an eCommerce store owner, optimizing your content for search engines must be on the top of your checklist. SEO is one of the most effective and easiest ways to engage new customers and convince them to buy your products.

It begins with keywords – the search term that buyers use to find their desired product. For instance, a person looking for blue jeans for men might use the term “Men’s Blue Denim”. This is the keyword that needs to be optimised for your store. You can conduct some keyword research and discover which keywords will work best for your store.

Further, Shopify suggests adding keywords to the following places to improve the SEO for your online store:

  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • ALT tags
  • A page’s body content

However, don’t try to stuff keywords without any rhyme or reason. Try using keywords that resonate with your brand and products to get better results.

Make it Scannable

Imagine reading a lengthy paragraph or a blog. In no time, you will be bored. Product descriptions are no different. In the fast-paced technological world, people hardly have time to read long paragraphs or descriptions; they just want the important details. This calls for bullet points as they provide a clear and concise way to display crucial information.

Consider how Amazon uses bullet points for their product – Fire TV Stick

This makes it easy for buyers to grab important information without having them to skim. Depending on your niche you can put ingredients or specs into bullet points. Once your product descriptions are easy to read, the lower are the chances of losing on potential customers.

See What Works for You

The five ways mentioned here are worth trying but not everything works for everyone. You could try ways that work for you and create your own description template. Take time to consider the criteria that your target audience is looking for and include it accordingly in your descriptions.

Once you have compiled your description, you can look for the following questions:

  • Is your product solving any problem?
  • Have you used any persuasive words?
  • Have you included the important details?
  • Does it sound like a conversation with a friend?
  • Have you mentioned the features and benefits?

Once you’ve found a nice pattern for your descriptions, test them out and monitor your results. See whether you are experiencing a boost in sales or traffic. In case you don’t get the desired results, make certain amendments or consider outsourcing product description writing services to us. Not only does our team help you with better sales but improved rankings and overall enhancement of your eCommerce business.

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