7 Reasons Why to Hire Amazon Virtual Assistants

March 25, 2022 Amazon Virtual Assistant



If you are a business owner or trader and you wish to achieve multi-dimensional growth, then Amazon Marketplace should be on your hit-list. Having said that, it is equally important to consider the role of Amazon VAs as you cannot afford to play a jack of all trades, in pursuit of those sales heights.

Amazon Virtual Assistants work as remote administrative support to help you realize the business objectives of online product sales. VAs will set up your shop on Amazon, abiding by the rules of marketing and organizing a seller-store. Let’s understand it like this, selling a product on Amazon can be divided into the following parts:

  • Seller store setup & management: which involves product research, relevant image editing, content creation, product upload, order processing, invoice management, and data management.
  • Product Marketing: comprising of Keyword research and optimization, competitor analysis, store optimization, sales tracking, review optimization, brand building, and management on social media.
  • Advertisement: Plays a crucial role, if aggressive marketing is a part of the strategy. It includes PPC management, video advertisement, custom ads, and audio ads. Amazon DSP is a platform that helps program all types of ads from a single interface.
  • Customer Support: which includes Email management, order tracking, customer feedback/complaint redressal, refunds/returns, and exchange management.

Now, there are two questions; firstly – can you afford to add these tasks to the core business operational responsibilities?

Secondly, how flawlessly can you manage an Amazon shop along with your core business operations?

So, to manage all of the above chores smoothly hire Amazon virtual assistant. The VA will perform the following tasks on your behalf:

  • Product Listing & Optimization: A Virtual Assistant will set up your shop, create content, edit images and manage listings on Amazon. VA can also improve the already existing listings, optimizing them to improve sales.
  • Product-Listing-&-Optimization

  • Inventory Management: The ‘Out-of-stock’ badge may result in you losing that important sale. Amazon VA will keep the inventory well managed to save you from that stock shortage.
  • Inventory-Management

  • Keyword Research: Reaching out to your target consumers is a keyword game. If you miss the correct keywords you may miss the bus. Keywords are equally significant to race ahead of your competitors. Amazon Virtual Assistant will find the correct keywords which can connect your products to relevant customers online.
  • Competitor Research: Amazon VAs study your competition to give your products an edge. They research competitors’ products and marketing strategies to sketch out a plan to better market your products.
  • Amazon Market Strategy: Abiding by Amazon’s policy and guidelines along with the Market strategy is eminent for successfully running an online store. Virtual Assistants take-on this troublesome task to operate the seller’s account abreast with the platform’s regulations.
  • Social Media Management: Amazon VAs manage your social media accounts, which is very significant these days, to build your brand online. It also develops trust amongst customers online resulting in increased sales and a loyal fan base.
  • Customer Support: Online product selling involves customer’s concerns/complaints redressal, review & feedback management, return/refund management, etc. Virtual Assistants do all this to maintain a joyful relationship with your client, engaging and retaining them.
  • Order Management: Tracking orders, resolving concerns regarding delivery, managing return shipments, are all included in an Amazon Virtual Assistant’s job.

In case you still miss the clarity, here are 7 exigent points to give a clear picture.

7 Reasons to Hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant

  • Easy to Manage: Management is the key to success. Hiring an Amazon VA gives an additional working hand, allowing you to focus on management and targets. You can mint a Virtual Assistant’s experience to your advantage and unburden yourself of the mundane tasks. With VA’s help, you can limit your role to supervision, setting targets, and analyzing the growth path.
  • Saves Time: As a VA will be responsible for various key jobs pertaining to your Amazon seller store, you get that precious extra time to focus, and also to relax. Virtual assistants possess training and skills to meet deadlines, saving you from spending time on monotonous admin tasks. Also, you do not need to stress over a 24*7 schedule or time zone. A VA can work according to your suitable timing. This will increase productivity too.
  • Cost-Effective: Amazon Virtual Assistants work remotely and they can be hired on a task-basis, full-time or part-time. They can be engaged as per your budget. Handing over your Amazon store responsibility to a VA also saves you on infrastructure and training costs. As they are independent contractors you need not provide added compensation and benefits, as in the case of an employee.
  • Reduce Overheads: VAs are always better than an in-house employee, as office infra and other expenses always add up to the salary of the latter. A Virtual Assistant works from its location and infrastructure. As, these days, a lot of entrepreneurs and start-ups are operating from their homes, they need not set up offices just to manage their Amazon store.
  • Increased Productivity: If a VA wishes to get more clients or retain a client, it will be focussed on performance, which sums up to better sales. He/She will be focused on client satisfaction. That’s definitely a win-a-win collaboration. Moreover, the remote working structure gives them the freedom to use time at their leisure, which is also creatively beneficial.
  • No Training burden: If you outsource the job to an agency, a Virtual Assistant’s training is their responsibility. Whereas, on hiring an employee you will have to first train and try to get better performance. A Virtual Assistant is accordingly trained and skilled to meet a client’s requirement. They also possess the experience to handle Amazon stores diligently.
  • Increased Sales: By Outsourcing your Amazon store to the befitting Virtual Assistant you get an experienced and skilled professional to run the show. A VA who is aware of the tricks and tips of the online market can use the experience to your benefit. The person’s skills will surely add-on to your product’s qualities, resulting in the growth of sales. And anything which concludes business sales expansion is a must-try isn’t it.

Hire Amazon Virtual Assistants

QuikTek Info has a professional team of highly skilled and experienced Amazon Virtual Assistants. We have been helping Amazon store owners, across different categories, run their shops successfully without any hassles. Hiring Amazon experts from us will get you dedicated round-the-clock support.

Our skilled Amazon VAs have won us a clientele from all around the world, and our services have managed to retain many store-owners for a long. Some of the salient features of our Amazon VA services include:

  • Provision of round-the-clock Amazon VA support for hassle-free operations for your Amazon shops
  • We offer customized pricing plans, which is loved by our partners
  • We always meet deadlines, completing projects with a quick turnaround time
  • Our clients get that extra edge with our experience of successfully running projects across different verticals
  • With us, you save up to 60% of operational costs
  • Our clients get access to a large pool of skills and upgraded technology
  • Our experience concludes to increased sales, sharp marketing, and stress-free management of your Amazon store

For more information and to access a free trial of our Amazon Virtual Assistant services connect with us at info@quiktekinfo.com

Outsource and hire Amazon VAs from us & you will find that Life is beautiful!

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