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March 17, 2022 eBay Listing Optimization


There’s probably no one in the world today who has not heard about eBay. It is the OG of internet auctions. Many people often assume that the glorious days for eBay are over. However, that is not true. Yes, you may think that Amazon has taken over every other eCommerce website, so why are we talking about eBay? Well, it is important to note that eBay is the master of a niche where very few players have found recognition. It continues to be the top marketplace when it comes to offering rare and vintage collectibles and artifacts. As of 2021, eBay reported a staggering figure of 159 million users and 19 million sellers. Brands can leverage this and market their products accordingly. However, managing your brand on eBay is not an easy task.

To overcome the challenges of listing a brand on eBay, several sellers opt to outsource complicated services like eBay listing services, eBay bulk product upload, etc. There are several outsourcing providers who will help you with every requirement. However, there is one special kind that can bring you business benefits in significant ways. Yes, we are talking about outsourcing to offshore resources. Let us try and find out more about this.

What is offshore outsourcing?

offshore outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing means to hand over projects and services to a third-party organization that is situated in another country. The global market is a very volatile one. Several factors like economic crunches, rising crude oil prices, the recent coronavirus pandemic, etc. have made it difficult for businesses to carry on their operations smoothly. Hence, most of them have turned towards offshore outsourcing to run their management efficiently while also maintaining high-quality services.

Having said that, offshore outsourcing is an ideal choice for online business owners. This kind of outsourcing offers some unique advantages that are particularly beneficial for the eCommerce industry as it requires constant monitoring and maintenance. So, whether it is for eBay product feeds or eBay bulk product upload, offshore outsourcing is the appropriate answer for all your eStore management related questions.

Here are some ways how offshore outsourcing can be an excellent choice for your eBay store management requirements:

Lower labor costs

Every business wants to save some part of the money spent on giving out salaries and benefits. However, due to local labor laws, organizations have to stick to the standard minimum wage. Hiring an offshore outsourcing agency from South-Asia for your eBay product feeds maintenance can help you save a major chunk. This is because countries from that region have lower minimum wage requirements. This way you can get the same amount of work but at a lesser price.

Expert resources at your disposal

Offshore outsourcing companies hire highly experienced and seasoned resources to cater to all kinds of clients. They are equipped to handle large volumes of work. For example, at QuikTek Info, we have a highly skilled team of more than 270 resources that have years of experience in the eCommerce industry. We can handle tasks like eBay bulk product upload, eBay listing services, etc. with ease. With the use of the latest tools and sophisticated software, we ensure high-quality results and timely delivery for all our clients.

Advantage of time difference

Advantage of time difference

Running a successful eBay store may at times require urgent store upgradation like eBay product feeds updates, etc. In such situations, the time zone difference between your home country and your offshore outsourcing partner can be of great advantage for your business. You can send across your requirements immediately and by the time you start office the next day, the work will be done and delivered to you.

Fast and effective work completion

As already discussed above, maintaining a store on eBay is no joke. It is an ongoing process and also a time consuming one. Activities like eBay listing services also tend to be confusing and overwhelming for amateurs. So, when you hand your eBay store management requirements to an offshore outsourcing agency, they handle every minute task with utmost professionalism. The result is error-free product listing and eBay bulk product upload, all completed within the promised time.

Optimum use of resources

If you want to do eBay related services in-house, you may have to spend a significant amount in paying salaries and renting a large office space. However, once you onboard an offshore outsourcing partner, you can bid goodbye to all those avoidable expenditures. At QuikTek Info, we have a pool of eCommerce experts ready to take up all your eBay challenges and help boost your online business. We also offer flexible pricing and team scaling as per your project requirements so that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Get the best marketing insights


To run a successful eCommerce business, you need relevant insights that will assist in shaping an effective marketing strategy. Outsourcing partners can be of considerable help in this domain too. They can offer you insights related to traffic, engagements, and conversions which will be beneficial while planning out an impactful marketing blueprint. Hence, you get multiple benefits when you decide to partner with an offshore outsourcing company.

Get the right feedback

Accessing the right feedback is crucial to run a healthy and thriving business. However, an in-house team may not always give you the correct opinion due to various factors like social groupings, lack of expertise, lack of manpower or resources, etc. But with an offshore outsourcing partner, you will always get the right brand assessment which will help you build your business. So, if there were any errors with your previous eBay product feeds, the outsourced resources can point it out and fix it too.


Ease up your business and enjoy superior outcomes for your eBay store by onboarding with a reliable offshore outsourcing partner. Hand over tedious product listings and feed management to the experts while you sit back and concentrate on other crucial aspects of the business.

Add value to your eBay store with meticulous services from QuikTek Info. Drop us an email at today and get a free quote for your requirement.

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