Amazon Listing Optimization Services: Avoiding 4 Pitfalls to Take That Big Leap

December 27, 2017 Amazon Listing Optimization Services, Amazon SEO expert

You might have been selling on Amazon for long, adhering to all the key aspects that determine your ranking by A9 algorithm (price, sales history, relevance, reviews, and product images) and still not be getting satisfactory results. It might not be easy to pin point where you have gone wrong. Amazon SEO experts can help you in identifying and improving on these key areas that you might be overlooking.

Opting for Amazon Listing Optimization Services can improve the ranking of your products significantly so that you can shoot your sales figures. The following can be the reasons behind the poor performance of your product:

  • Violation of Amazon’s Guidelines- Amazon lays stringent guidelines about the quality of your product’s images, what you can say in a follow-up email, etc. A violation of these terms makes you lose your place in Amazon’s search engine in the long-run.
  • False claims about products- You might write a luring product description to induce the sale of your product(s). You might succeed in doing that. However, once the product reaches the buyer and the discrepancy in how it was projected and how it actually is gets noticed, your product is likely to be returned. This not only casts a negative impression about the quality of your product and gets reflected in reviews but also makes you lose the customer forever.
  • Not responding to Customer inquiries/feedbacks- There is no dearth of sellers on Amazon. If you do not respond to an inquiry in time, you lose a potential customer. You should drive away any apprehensions for boosting your sales figures. Similarly, in case of a negative feedback, responding to the issue should be of prime concern.
  • Frequent Out -of- stock Products- Your product’s ranking in Amazon needs to be maintained. If your products are out of stock, it disrupts the entire chain of factors that impact your visibility. Amazon SEO expert can help in avoiding this by resorting to back up options.

Keeping Your Eyes Glued Is The Key…

You cannot win the Buy Box once and stay happily ever after! You need to constantly monitor the performance of your products and take corrective measures well in time. Since you might be a big seller selling a large number of products, it might not be possible for you to keep a track of these pages. Amazon SEO experts can help you in filling gaps in your performance.

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