Product SKU Building Services: Paving Way for Inventory Management and Much More

November 16, 2017 eCommerce Store Development, Product SKU Building Services

As a prudent eCommerce seller, you surely do not want to waste time in manually tracking how many units of each product have been sold or whether orange colour jackets sell more in comparison to their white counterpart!

In such a scenario, SKUs can be your saviour! Stock Keeping Units are alphanumeric unique codes assigned to products for identification and tracking. Unlike barcode, they can be read by humans.

Are you sceptical of building SKU because you think you can easily manage your inventory manually? Think again! SKUs should be used irrespective of the size of your inventory and what you sell. They should form an indispensable part of inventory management. They help in tapping your full sales potential.

Below, we have listed 4 reasons why you should have SKUs for your eCommerce store:

1. Continued Product Flow– Since SKUs make tracking product units very easy, stock can be replenished as and when required. It ensures a continued flow of products that would amount to more sales and thereby more profit for the business.

2. Help you appear in Search Results– When buyers have chosen a product that they want to buy, they are likely to check for a better deal in terms of price and delivery options on search engines like Google. In such a case, if you have not listed SKU for your product, you might lose a good opportunity of appearing in the search results (even if you are offering it for a cheaper price).

3. Faster and Handy in case of Re-buying- If a customer likes your product and wants to buy it again, should he/she scrounge for it all over again among thousands of similar products? The best way of finding it in the fastest way would be to search it using SKU (that can be easily copy-pasted from your shipping confirmation mails).

4. Ensures Convenience for Retailers- In case you are a wholesaler, one of the customers of your retailer client wants to know about what colours a particular product is available in. In such situation, SkUs can be used to obtain information from your store. The ease of your retailers would mean a good relation with them and eventually more sales.

Why do you need Custom SKU Development Services?

We have already discussed about the importance of having SKU for your products. Why do we need to avail product SKU building services?

Since multiple attributes namely-colour, product type, size, etc., have to be taken into account for building a unique identifiable code, you might exhaust a lot of time of your in-house team that could have been devoted to core activities. Therefore, it is viable to get this job done by an experienced service provider.

Difference between SKU and UPC

Since Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) and Universal Product codes are codes assigned to products, they are often used interchangeably. However, in reality, they are not the same. While UPC assigned to a product remains constant throughout the product’s shelf-life irrespective of the place it is sold, SKU is unique to a company. In simple words, different companies have different SKUs but same UPC.

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