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August 22, 2014 Product Description Writing


Creating an engaging experience for online shoppers is the key to increasing conversion rates. When your store answers all the questions that your visitor may have about your products, then you are most likely to convert the visitor into buyer. Thus, having effective, engaging and compelling product descriptions can help you increase sales and generate higher revenue.

So, if you have a product and you know it is going to sell, then make sure that it is complemented with well-written description.

Use a proper format

While shopping online, customers prefer to-the-point descriptions that are written in a befitting and standard format which must be followed throughout. Each copy must include product features and specifications in bullet points and a short paragraph to highlight the product benefits.

Use simple language

What if a visitor comes to your online store but fails to understand the product descriptions? He would certainly not buy the product! So, it is a must to use simple and easy to understand language that will help you engage your visitors and make them coming back for more.

Create informative descriptions

To create a long-lasting impression on your visitors, you must write clear, concise and informative product descriptions that highlight product features, specifications as well as benefits.

Build trust with your descriptions

To build confidence in your buyers and gain their trust, you must provide them with all the required and relevant product information, correct to the last detail. The descriptions must be free of typographical and grammatical errors.

Use relevant keywords

To improve your rank in search engines and drive traffic to your store, product descriptions must be optimized with relevant and target keywords. With more organic traffic, comes more sales and more profits.

Product descriptions are certainly a treasure trove of opportunity for online merchants as they help engage the visitors and compel them to buy the products. So, make sure that your products are described well!

Let QuikTek Info take the charge!

At QuikTek Info, we understand that it is difficult to manage inventory of thousands of SKUs and write descriptions for each product. We have a team of seasoned copywriters who can write precise, informative, engaging and persuasive product descriptions that help you sell more.

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