5 Essentials to Launch a New Product Line on eCommerce Store

August 27, 2014 Catalog Processing


It is a part of your daily routine to add new products to your eCommerce store like putting few new sets of chairs in the furniture category or adding a new line of sweat shirts in the men’s section of the website. But now you are planning to launch a new category of baby care products wherein customers can find clothes, toys and books, kids’ furniture and a lot more. So, will you simply add the new category and let your customers find it themselves? Certainly, no! You have to go the extra mile to promote your new product line and attract the right set of customers to meet your sales target.

Let’s discuss in brief how you must introduce new products to your customers and generate sales:

Create detailed and optimized product pages

When you are preparing to launch a new product line, you must create detailed and well-optimized product pages that have SEO-friendly URLs, original and informative product descriptions and visually-appealing product images that easily grab customers’ attention. Make sure that you provide all the information that a visitor would need to complete the purchase.

Provide offers and discounts

One of the most effective ways to promote your new product line is to offer coupons and discounts right from the beginning. This will help you attract more customers and increase sales. Additionally, you can also add online coupon codes and deals for the shoppers, depending on their shopping history.

Add live chat

So, finally a customer has shown interest in buying a set of French Terry Tunic for his toddler. However, he has some queries, which need to be addressed just in time. Otherwise, it might lead to a lost sales opportunity. What should you do? Adding live chat to your website can help you engage your customers, answer their queries and convert prospects into buyers, thus increase your conversion rates.

Promote by sending emails

You can’t expect customers to show up on your store if they don’t know that you are introducing a new product line. To promote your new products, you can begin with your email list, text list and social media followers that will convince your prospects to click through to your website. By sending personalized emails and running social media campaigns, you can market your products and spread awareness among scores of shoppers.

Consider free shipping

Even if you charge a nominal amount for shipping, you risk a shopper abandoning the cart for a free shipping offer from another online store. In such a scenario, you can provide free shipping for your new products above orders of a certain amount. This will not only help you retain your customers but also augment sales.

We are here to assist you!

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