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September 11, 2014 Email/Chat Support


In the ever-evolving business eCommerce environment, online sales depend on a number of factors like the website’s rank in all the major search engines, marketing strategies, products’ prices, customer service, to name a few.

While everyone is putting their best foot forward to expose their products and reach out to the target audience, you recently got your eCommerce store redesigned to attract more visitors and boost brand image. Professionals also updated the product listings and ensured that product information including descriptions, images, prices, attributes, etc. are up-to-date. While these steps helped you heighten search engine rankings, drive more traffic to your site, retain your existing customers and increase sales, you decided to take a step forward to boost customer engagement.

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, have you tried connecting with your buyers and figure out if they face any problem while making purchase? Do you respond to their emails quickly? Why is it important to constantly interact with the customers? When you communicate with your visitors, you get a chance to solve their queries and convert them into buyers. Thus, eRetailers implement live chat on their eCommerce store as it helps you directly contribute to the bottom line.

The value of live online chat

Today, technology-savvy customers expect instant answers to their queries. And when you fail to respond to them just in time, the sales opportunity may be lost.

Engage Your Customers

According to reports, visitors are more likely to convert into buyers when their queries are addressed quickly. When you are available round-the-clock to answer your customers’ questions, you can effectively engage them, convince them and help them make the right buying decision, thus reducing site’s bounce rate and shopping cart abandonments.

Employ Cross-Sell and Up Sell Strategies Through Live Chat

To further boost product sales, you can use live chat as a means to employ up-selling and cross-selling techniques. For example, when a visitor chooses to buy Printer X, you can use live chat to recommend related or better products.

Personalize Customer Experience

Through live chat, you can also personalize customers’ shopping experience and provide them personalized answers and recommendations. This would make each visitor feel happy, special and valued. Thus, you create loyalty and build trust that will give you long-lasting relationships.

Gain Competitive Advantage

With your competitors just a click away, you must provide your customers the experience they expect. Through instant chat, you can respond to their queries just in time and also gain competitive edge in the market.

Implement live chat the correct way

While instant chat is considered a boon for eCommerce businesses, it must be implemented in the correct way so that it doesn’t turn away your shoppers.

At QuikTek Info, we use the latest technology to deploy live chat on your eCommerce store and provide 24/7 customer support, thereby helping you boost sales and site’s conversions. Contact us now to find out how we can help you increase product sales and maximize profits.

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