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November 12, 2014 Support Services

Forms Processing Services

Dealing with forms and endless paperwork is certainly not easy. For organizations that are not familiar with the best practices of form processing, it can be needlessly time-consuming and endlessly labor intensive. This makes outsourcing data processing services to specialized vendors an ideal choice. By using modern-day advanced mechanisms, recognition technologies and automated solutions, experts extract and capture data from handwritten, typed or printed forms and transfer it through electronic methods using an FTP server, a Virtual Private Network (VPN), or email.

Depending on the needs of a client, a suitable database is created with the required number of fields, which is then tested and verified for top-notch quality and sent over to the client. All this, and much more, is done by skilled and experienced professionals to take care of all your form processing needs.

Forms processing at a glance

Data can be processed from all types of forms, including sales invoices and target sheets, purchase orders, medical bills, tax receipts, insurance claims, credit card or loan application forms, surveys and market research forms, or any type of online/offline form.

Listed below are some of the key steps followed during forms processing:

  • Form data capture
  • Form data entry
  • Form design
  • Scanning and retrieval
  • Manual data capture and entry
  • Automatic data capture and entry
  • Validation tool creation
  • Document inventory creation and management

Let’s discuss in brief the benefits of forms processing:

  • Speeds up collection and retrieval of data from a wide variety of forms.
  • Ensures efficient handling of data by increasing your information intake and inflow, and by organizing the data properly.
  • Facilitates use of data to your advantage, by retrieving the required data whenever needed to give your business a competitive edge and make it more tech savvy.
  • Maximizes returns, by getting all the information needed from forms and unstructured documents and store them in virtually indestructible formats, at highly affordable costs.
  • Maximizes productivity, by storing, organizing and retrieving more amounts of data at lightning speed.
  • Maximizes quality, by storing high-value information in efficient ways.

For Quality Results, Avail QuikTek’s Forms Processing Services

As part of forms processing services, we capture data from any type of form, be it digital or handwritten, and we do it precisely, quickly, and affordably. This is done after an extensive analysis and review of clients’ needs, to fabricate the best possible solution for them. We extract all the information from forms or surveys, images and printouts and provide the data to you on a range of digital platforms. We also segregate the forms into the format that you require, structured or non-structured, giving it the look and layout that you want. The forms can have tables, boxes, rows and columns, and any other field that you require. We can add fields and spaces to help you add anything that you want, from identification details and coupon codes.

Get in touch with us at to find out how we can assist you.

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