Effective eCommerce Data Entry to Shoot Your Sales Figures

January 19, 2018 eCommerce Catalog Processing, eCommerce Data Entry

The eCommerce business is expected to reach $4.058 trillion in 2020 (Source: eMarketer). With the widening of eCommerce horizons, it is not easy to strike a sale. If you manage to get your buying prospects on your online store and still are unable to secure satisfactory sales, your product pages might be lacking what they need.

Product pages play a central role in determining your conversion rates. If all the page constituents (product photos, description and categorization) blend in well, half of the battle is already won! For ensuring that buying prospects get lured by your products and click the ‘Buy now’ button, paying emphasis on these key areas at the time of eCommerce data entry will help in securing higher sales.

1. Excellent Product photos to freeze eyeballs- Product photographs can vary slightly, depending on the guidelines of the eCommerce website you are planning to sell your products on. What remains common is the need for visually enticing product images. Photographs should display your products from multiple angles so as to give your buyers a feel of the product.

2. Compelling Product description- Providing details about the features of your products is not enough. These details are important but if they stand alone, they are quite less likely to induce buyers into buying your product. For ‘convincing’ your buyers to buy a product, weave a story around it as to how the product will benefit buyers or make their life easier. If you manage to create compelling- “Why You Need This Product”, while eCommerce catalog processing, your sales victory is almost certain.

Expert Tip-You should pen down information so that it is equally helpful for your existing customers and potential ones. Keep in mind that buyers skim through your product description. So, do not waste much time in writing never-ending stories!

3. Appropriate Category Assignment- No matter how attractive your product images and description are, if buyers are unable to find your product, everything goes in vain. eCommerce buyers typically browse categories while looking for a product (or its close alternatives). If a ‘women’s jacket’ has been mistakenly placed in the ‘men’s jacket’ category, the chances of it getting found get significantly reduced or even nullified.

For striking the rationality cord of buyers, it is important to make your products stand out. After reading about your product, no question should remain unanswered in the mind of a customer. A competent eCommerce data entry specialist can help in ensuring this.

Can you do something more to boost your sales?

There is no doubt that today social media plays a great role in forming/influencing public opinion. Social media proof can help in building credibility for your products. If you get good reviews say on your Instagram or Facebook page, you can use screenshots to win the trust of your site visitors. Displaying testimonials on your site is also a good option. However, what could be better if prospects could see for themselves, a social proof from a customer who has already used your product?

In order to keep the interest of the buyers intact, make your product pages lively, not mechanical. Creating engaging content at the time of eCommerce catalog processing can provide a solution to your bounce- back plights.

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