How You Can Build an eBay Castle by Spending a Few Pennies

January 25, 2018 eBay Virtual Assistant

From its dawn as an auction site, eBay today claims a GMV of $84 billion (source: Channeladvisor). In order to catch up with the competition in the retail landscape, you have to stay equipped and continuously focus on utilizing new opportunities and expand your customer base.

If you are planning to tap the best out of the 168 million active global buyers’ marketplace, it’s time to ask yourself these questions to Take a dive!

Do you sell new products?

Becoming stagnant in terms of selling the same range of products wouldn’t do any good to you.

Since a good portion of eBay listings feature new products, you might be leaving a good sum of money on the table by not doing so.

Are you acquainted with the top selling categories on eBay?

Irrespective of the potential of the eCommerce jumbo, there are certain categories that you can literally bank upon for filling your money bag with a lot more!

Since you might be new in these categories, it might be difficult for you to chart out the most suitable selling strategy in these niches. Decisions pertaining to pricing, delivery, etc., might vary for different categories. Since these categories can change your fortune, taking some time in analysing the market for these categories can prove to be quite beneficial.

Are you doing what it takes to win the Buy Box-‘Product pages’?

Getting your product listed is not enough. In order to boost your sales you need to have a fair visibility amongst your prospective buyers. With the coming of ‘Buy box’ a couple of months ago, you have to take an extra effort in order to be visible.

The seller with the cheapest price who pays the most for promoted listing will get the Buy box. This may however raise the difficulty bar for small sellers who are not willing to spend extra money to get exposure.

Are you slow as a snail?

If you are not quick enough in identifying opportunities and utilizing them in time, you won’t be able to go far in the eCommerce realm. For instance, if you are not quick in replenishing your buffer stock for boosted sales during the holiday season, you might be serving the profit (you could have easily earned) on a platter to your competitors.

When you analyse these questions and find that the answers are not in your favour, you need to employ a good deal of time to turn the balance in your favour. Working on these key areas shouldn’t mean that you overlook your core business activities. A prudent option would be to take help from an eBay virtual assistant to carry out one or all of the back-end tasks like product listing, competitor analysis for price fixation, etc.

If you are worried about cost addition, virtual assistants provide much more financial gains to your business than the money spent. Also, they help you in reduce the time and money spent in managing employees.

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