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October 18, 2014 Optimization

In the present highly connected world, you need to personalize marketing campaigns to engage the customers effectively. Buyers expect to find all the required and relevant details on eCommerce stores so that they can make well-informed buying decisions. Without adequate information, online shoppers would not know what you are selling and instead switch to your competitors to make purchases. Thus, eCommerce entrepreneurs must maintain a well-managed and up-to-date product catalog that acts as one of the most efficient means to attract online shoppers, communicate with them and increase sales.

Let’s discuss how a product database can be enriched:

  • Eliminate errors- The first and foremost step is to identify errors and inconsistencies in the product data and eliminate them completely to ensure that the information provided is accurate and correct to the last detail. It is equally important to fill gaps in the data, rectify incorrect entries and complete the missing information.
  • De-duplicate data- Since product database is created by collating information from a multitude of sources, there are chances of duplicate entries. Thus, one must identify and eliminate duplicates by merging, matching and purging the data, thereby ensuring that the database is free of duplicate content.
  • Standardize data-To optimize the product database, it must be cleansed, standardized and normalized throughout to make sure that it is consistent across all platforms. All the units of measure and weights must be standardized to make it easy for the customers to understand.
  • Write high-quality product descriptions- While enriching product database, online merchants must ensure that their product detail pages are populated with well-written, engaging and compelling product descriptions that highlight product features, benefits as well as specifications. The descriptions must answer all the possible questions that customers might seek answers of.
  • Edit product images- Product images are one of the most important part of a database. They not only help in attracting buyers but also compel them to complete the purchase. So, it is crucial to edit the photos and remove spots, blemishes and other marks, add/remove background, adjust color, contrast and brightness, etc., to ensure that the images are clear and visually-enticing.

QuikTek’s eCommerce Product Data Optimization Services can help!

Through our rich array of eCommerce Product Data Optimization Services, we can help you maintain a well-managed and up-to-date product database to boost your web presence, increase product sales and site’s conversion rates.

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