The Imperative eCommerce SEO Cheatsheet to Augment Your Sales Figures

May 14, 2018 Company Product description copywriting, eCommerce SEO Services

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According to Statista, nearly 1.66 billion buyers bought goods online in 2017. There is no point of spending huge sum of money in product description copywriting or eCommerce store maintenance if your products are not visible to prospective buyers. This calls for a dire need of optimizing your product pages for search-engines.

Since keywords are the bread and butter for search-engine optimization, it is important to have a clarity regarding their ideal usage. The following know-how’s would help you a great deal in chiding away the doubts pertaining to keywords:

  • Right keywords- Choosing the right set of keywords helps in laying the foundation for a strong product listing. What actually are these ‘right keywords’? Playing your cards on highly searched keywords may appear an alluring and ‘guarantee success’ deal. However, if you think in similar lines, you might get disappointed.

    Pro tip- Highly searched keywords are quite difficult to rank for. Before determining keywords for your product, it is recommended to check their difficulty score (likelihood of ranking on a keyword) using various tools. Choosing a keyword that has a slightly less traffic may significantly propel your visibility and eventually boost your chances of securing a sale. An eCommerce SEO services company can help you in deciding the right keywords for your business.

  • Volume and placement- Once you have chosen the keywords you want to rank for, it becomes quite important to include the main ones in your product title and the secondary ones for your product description copywriting. Overstuffing keywords and ‘trying to write for search-engines’ wouldn’t land you anywhere.
  • Bonus period- There is a particular time of the year when your product sales are expected to witness a significant boom. It can be the season in which your product is most likely to be used in or holiday season. It is important to keep your store geared-up for such situations and reap the benefits of high sales. In such cases, you should start looking for holiday-specific keywords well in advance.

Think a step ahead by creating “Coming soon” pages

If you are planning to introduce a seasonal line of products on your eCommerce store and have not yet completely become ready to sell it, you can start creating ‘coming soon’ pages for your products. It will not only help in weaving a sense of excitement among your regular customers but also help your store quite a lot in terms of SEO. When you become ready to sell your products, you wouldn’t have to start from scratch in terms of creating a product listing and trying to rank afresh.

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