Touch the Pinnacle of Success with this Product Description Copywriting Cheatsheet

April 27, 2018 Magento Product Listing, Product Description Copywriting

Product Description Copywriting

In the absence of lack of physical product touch in eCommerce, the way you present your product before buyer’s eyes becomes all the more significant. In such a scenario, product listing plays a great role in charting out your success story or leading to the opposite direction.

For instance, if your Magento Product listing is not fetching the intended results, it is quite likely that your descriptions are half-baked or simply because you have not been able to strike a chord with your buying prospects. For crafting product descriptions that sell, understanding your buyer persona is a pre-requisite. Here we have listed a hacks that can turn the product description copywriting tables in your favour.

Establish a consistent tone with your brand

If you are aspiring to stay in the eCommerce run for long, creating a brand identity should be a major concern for you. You can largely achieve this with the help of your content-the way you describe your products. You can try writing a variety of ways to see what works out the best for you and use it all across your store.

Assume that your customers are oblivious to your products

When you are describing your products, consider that your buyers don’t know anything about it. In this way, focus on answering all the questions that could by-pass a potential buyer’s mind while considering a product for buying.

Information + Persuasion = Good product copy

While creating a Magento product listing, specifying the features of the product is essential to appeal to the rationality of the buyers. Whereas, enumerating its benefits is significant to further strengthen the buying decision in favour of the product. Intertwined with a tinge of persuasion to act as the final nail, your ideal product description is all set to set the floor rolling!

Weave a sense of urgency

Offering your customers discounts for ‘a limited time period’ or conveying that you have only few pieces left helps in getting immediate response from prospects. A product which could have been left in cart becomes more likely to reach that final sale step.

Get to Know!

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