Top 8 Ways to Optimize Product Pages of eCommerce Sites

October 8, 2014 Optimization

Optimize Product Pages

While setting up an eCommerce store, visually-enticing and responsive design is what one focuses at. However, do you know that well-optimized eStores that get higher rank in search engines drive maximum traffic and generate higher revenue as compared to the stores that lag behind? So, what is the most effective way to optimize online stores and increase sales?

The battle for a sale can be lost or won on product detail pages. Even though they are inherently complex, they are a strong link to conversions. Thus, it is essential to efficiently manage and optimize them in a bid to convince the visitors to not only buy your products but also convince them that buying from you is the right choice.

Let’s discuss the top eight ways through which you can optimize the product pages of your eCommerce stores:

1.  Product names

In the present cutthroat eCommerce business environment where your competitors are just a click away, you need to take measures that help you stand out from them. To attract the target market and get a better rank in search engine results, it is essential to create unique, descriptive yet precise product titles that are optimized with relevant keywords.

2.  Product prices

With so many eCommerce sites available at their door step, online shoppers have scores of stores they can refer to while purchasing a product. Hence, it is a must to offer products at the most competitive prices. For this, you can monitor competitors’ prices and formulate an effective strategy that can help in gaining an edge. Also, you must ensure that the product prices are written clearly alongside the product image or the buy button to make it easy for the visitors.

3.  Product images

For online shoppers, product images are of paramount importance. Regardless of how descriptive a product name is, customers prefer seeing the images to make the final buying decision. Thus, it is essential to add large, clear and attractive product images that easily grab customers’ attention. One must use modal windows that helps the customers enlarge thumbnails and zoom the pictures for a detailed view.

4.  Product descriptions

After viewing the product images, visitors refer to the descriptions that help them find out features and benefits of the goods they intend to buy. So, ensure that you add clear, informative and engaging descriptions that compel the visitor to click the ‘buy’ button. Further, they must also contain relevant keywords, thus helping you heighten your store’s rank in search engine result pages.

5.  Design for delight

Whether you are thinking to launch a new eCommerce store or revamp the existing one, make sure you present your products in an attractive manner that help you drive maximum traffic. Online store’s design is one of the most important elements that help you catch visitors’ attention. The product pages must have an intuitive user interface and attractive graphics.

6.  Product videos

One of the major issues that online shoppers face is their inability to touch the product or try it. In such a scenario, adding product videos- demonstrating the use of products- can help you make it easier for the visitors to take purchase decisions.

7.  Useful elements

Besides product titles, images, descriptions and prices, online retailers must ensure that their product detail pages contain manufacturer’s details, product attributes, availability status, sizes and dimensions, quantity and any other relevant information depending on the product.

8.  Extra elements

To make your product pages more informative for the shoppers, online merchants must also add customer reviews, promotional offers, shipping information, related items, Add to Wish List option, social media widgets, etc. This will help you inform the customer about minute details that are required to make purchase decisions.

When you give customers what they are looking for, you can stay assured that they will come back for more! So, make sure you provide all the relevant and required product information which is well-optimized for search engines.

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