10 Ways to Boost Holiday Conversions during the Eleventh Hour

December 2, 2014 Catalog Processing

Your eCommerce store is attractively-designed, holiday merchandise is set and the marketing campaign is on. Even as your sales are already picking up, is it too late to tweak your store to maximize conversions this holiday shopping season? Certainly, no! There are some quick-and-dirty tips that can help you squeeze dollars out of the holiday traffic.

Let’s walk you through the top 10 last-minute ways using which you can drive conversion rates of your eCommerce store:

Optimize for speed

With your competitors being just a click away, a website’s speed is a key factor that determines success of an eCommerce store. You must make sure that your website performs lightning fast and doesn’t drive your customers away because of lag time. This would help you improve customer experience, reduce bounce rates and subsequently increase conversions.

Simplify navigation

If your customers find it overwhelming to locate the products that you sell, it’s time to simplify navigation and make it simple, intuitive, user-friendly, and predictable. You can do this by creating suitable categories and sub-categories that make it easy for customers to search products and forthrightly mentioning shipping policy and payment methods. By simplifying the process from start to finish, you can reduce shopping cart abandonments and increase sales.

Create attractive and interactive landing pages

To convert a prospect into customer, make sure that your landing pages are well-optimized with rich content and attractive images. They must display free shipping notice, strong call-to-action, extended return policies, discounts and coupon codes.

Cross-sell and up-sell your products

To boost your business’ bottom line, you can employ cross-sell and up-sell techniques. For instance: to encourage your customer to spend more than they intend to, you can recommend a higher priced alternative to the product the visitor is currently considering. Also, you can recommend your prospect to purchase items that complement their existing purchase. This would help in generating more sales and boosting revenue.

Offer a flexible return policy

Like every other eCommerce store owner, you are committed to providing excellent customer service. However, customer service doesn’t end once a purchase is made. You must also provide a flexible returns policy so that customers do not hesitate while purchasing an item from you, knowing that returning it won’t be a hassle. During the holiday season, you can extend your return policy to 30 days, providing an option to the customers to exchange or return an item in January.

Aptly display the coupon codes

Shoppers love discounts and coupons. So, display coupon codes at the checkout page so as to make sure that your customers do not go to Google, looking for discount codes. This would not only help in increasing sales but also cutting down on shopping cart abandonments.

Implement Remarketing Strategy

One of the best strategies to increase sales is to implement Pay-Per-Click Remarketing as it helps in targeting highly qualified traffic. When you implement this strategy, you choose to show ads to a specific set of customers that is more likely to make the purchase, thus helping you boost conversion rates while lowering Cost-Per-Click.

Let Your Visitor Be a Guest

Your visitor might be the first-time buyer and you certainly don’t want to turn him off. So, make it easy for them to make the purchase without having to register or login. This would streamline their shopping experience and make them come back for more.

Eliminate Minimum-Order Requirements

To ensure that your customers do not run away because of minimum order requirement, eliminate the provision. Instead, you can adjust shipping prices for smaller orders and lower them for larger orders.

Offer Free Shipping or Shipping Discounts

Customers get attracted when they see that the retailer would ship the products for free. When you offer shipping at low or no cost, you also gain an advantage over your competitors and increase sales volume.

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