Consumer Reviews and Ratings: Driving Conversions and Boosting Business’s Bottom Line

November 29, 2014 Optimization

For eCommerce businesses, if there is a thread linking increased web traffic, product sales and conversion rates, it’s this: a well-planned and implemented online marketing strategy. And certainly, it is nothing better than putting reviews on your site to boost customer engagement, gain their trust and persuade them to buy from you. By injecting the voice of your customers into online stores through reviews, you can employ the strong pull of word-of-mouth on a much larger scale.

Let’s walk you through the top four facets of your business that you can personalize to garner consumer reviews, boost engagement, influence customers’ buying decisions and increase business’s bottom line:


To break through a prospective buyer, all you need is a message that ‘they want to hear’ and from ‘someone like them’. You can build trust and confidence among your prospects when you provide opinions of customers who have used your products. Further using product reviews and ratings as a marketing strategy, you can split the reviews into sub-sections so that customers can refer to the segment they belong to and make informed buying decision.

Product Launch and Innovation

When planning to launch a new set of products, business owners must refer to customer reviews that provide insights and let them know that their opinions are being heard. You can also add a Q&A section, allowing them to communicate with each other and enabling you to generate insights for providing a more personal customer experience.


To boost your brand awareness, all you need is the content that helps you boost your visibility in search engine results, so that customers keep on coming back to you time and again. Further, to make your brand credible and give it an identity, voice of the customer can do wonders. You can collect customer reviews and maintain a discourse with the prospects to provide them a personalized experience.

Social Media

Digital savvy customers refer to social media sites to explore how their peers perceive your brand and products. Also, a report suggests that 70% of customers recommended through social media websites are loyal and are likely to shop again. Thus, it is essential to maintain presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and connect to the prospects to know their opinion.

By personalizing customer experience when they go through your advertisements and marketing campaigns, see your newly-launched product line, visit your online store, or simply refer to your pages on social media platforms, you get to collect their feedback, gain their trust and make them more likely to buy from you.

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