7 eCommerce Content Writing Tips To Crafting A Compelling Product Copy

February 15, 2019 Catalog Product Descriptions Writing, eCommerce Content Writing

The content you publish on your eCommerce product page is far more powerful than you’d think. Your product copy has the potential to make or break your sales. To define it, a product description is more of a marketing copy that not only describes a product’s features but also the reason(s) why it’s worth purchasing. Your products might exhibit utmost quality but they won’t be of much use if you can’t describe them well. And that doesn’t just mean listing down their features with the help of meaningless adjectives. You need to go beyond simply describing your products and give your customers a reason to click the Buy button.

Your product copy must sell, not just tell. It needs to be unique, highly informative and intriguing. All you need to do is use the right words to reel them in.

On that note, here are some tips that’ll help you in coming up with a distinctive copy and make your catalog product descriptions writing game a success.

1. Write for your target audience

target audience

Before writing a description for your product, you need to identify your target audience. You must analyze things through their perspective and find out what information they seek. Then, you must frame your content accordingly. For example, if you’re selling a skater dress. Your target audience for that product will be women and teenagers, preferably in the age group of 15-30. Since a skater dress would most probably be worn at a party, you need to address the respective women and explain how your dress will be the perfect one for their next event.

2. Fuse the product’s features and benefits into one

Simply describing the mere features of your product won’t help. Clubbing each feature with its respective benefit might. For example, this line for a skater dress – “Knee length skater dress, belt available” looks quite dull. Let’s see if associating the knee length feature with its benefit helps. “This knee-length skater dress is perfect for an office party. It comes with an additional belt using which, you can style it for a Sunday brunch with your girlfriends. Add some boho jewelry and ankle boots and you’re ready for a night out.”

Quite intriguing, isn’t it? The benefits of the dress and the additional belt have been described in a way that convinces the buyers that it can be styled for multiple occasions. That’ll give your visitors something to think about and will make it easier for them to get to a decision.

3. Try storytelling

Explaining or describing products is something that every seller does. If you really want to stand out and engage your buyers, then storytelling might just do the trick. Articulate storytelling, when done right, can help your customers connect with your product better and develop a sense of trust. There are 3 ways to go about it:

  • Stories based on your company: You can start a story that describes the origin of your brand. Things like what inspired you, your goals, the way you want to help your customers with your products, etc.
  • Stories based on your customers: You can frame a story keeping your target audience in mind. Paint a picture as to how it would be like for your target customer if they own your product.
  • Real stories from your customers: You can bring up a story based on your real customers. These would be similar to testimonials. Just that you’ll be writing about it in the form of a story.

4. Use an engaging tone

While you should always use a professional tone, do make sure that you do not end up boring the readers. In fact, it would be much more beneficial if you try to engage them using a rather friendly tone, one they can connect better with. For example, if you’re selling vintage clothes with a modern twist, use a tone that makes you sound cool. Describe how you have converted, say, an old evening gown into a gorgeous slit top. Let’s try and understand this better with another example. Say you’re selling workout gear, joggers, for instance. Now, you need to write in a way that appeals to the fitness freaks out there. It’s all about how you present yourself!

5. Don’t miss out on power words

The English dictionary features some impactful words that are proven to spark an emotional response in humans. These are known as power words and must be used in your product copy to drive sales. Some of these are as follows:

  • Breathtaking
  • Amazing
  • Blissful
  • Mind-blowing
  • Spectacular
  • Jaw-dropping
  • Staggering
  • Wondrous
  • Etc.

6. Create a scannable copy

Not everyone is going to read your product copy from start to end, especially when it’s poorly structured. You need to make your content scannable so that buyers can go through it quickly without missing out on important details. The following pointers will help:

  • Try dividing long paragraphs into bullet points. Keep them short, unless, of course, you’re purposely following the storytelling approach.
  • Structure your content well. Analyze things like where a paragraph needs to end or where a tabular representation might look better than bullet points.
  • Make use of pictures and infographics to describe the details of your products. Visual content always works better.

7. Optimize your copy for the search engines

Last but not least, it is recommended that you write a copy that is optimized for the search engines. This means incorporating the targeted keywords in your content in a smart and subtle way. Optimization is important to rank your product page higher in the search results and attract potential customers to it. But it is advisable not to go overboard and stuff as many keywords in your copy as possible. One after every 100-200 words will do just fine.

You might succeed at directing a customer to your product page, but the road ahead will be defined by your content and the way you present your products. The power lies in your product copy. It won’t be long before you attain a high conversion rate, given that you include a copy that really speaks to your target audience. The aforementioned eCommerce content writing tips will help you in crafting just the copy that your customers look for.

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