How To Upload Bulk Product Data To Your Magento Store A Lot Faster

January 21, 2019 Magento Bulk Product Upload, Magento Data Entry Specialist, Magento Product Data Entry

The number of online shoppers is increasing by the day, giving rise to an even increased number of demands for new products. Customers seek more choices in prices, product range, and customer service, which is why it becomes important for the eCommerce sellers to innovate and add something new to their store. One of the most powerful eCommerce stores that allow online sellers to accomplish the same is Magento. Ever since this platform was introduced, sellers have been able to develop online shops with much ease. Being really flexible, Magento gives a seller total control over their store.

Though when it comes to innovating the store and adding new products, which is done via product data entry, it becomes a problem. But not one that can’t be solved. You see, to sell new products for catering to more number of customers, you’ll need a larger inventory along with a proper outflow. This needs more product data uploads, fast. Doing it manually won’t do the trick. If anything, it will hamper with your productivity as a seller and will be time-consuming. But fret not. You can accelerate the process with the help of a few Magento product data entry tips and tricks. Read on to find out what they are.

  • Prepare for bulk import by creating accurate categories

    As a seller, you want to make sure that your buyers have a good customer experience, which is only possible if they are able to locate the products quickly and easily. For that to happen, you’ll need to define clear and identifiable categories for all your products. So, before going ahead with bulk import, it’s better to be prepared with a list of categories so that all the products can be easily associated with their respective ones. As an added advantage, this will also reduce the time spent on site structure planning.

  • Utilize the bulk product import feature

    The bulk import feature in Magento is no less than a blessing for online retailers. Uploading a large number of products is possible with the help of this feature. All it takes is a single CSV file and very basic know-how of formatting. What’s best is that it reduces the time and effort spent on product upload for both the sellers and/or the data entry professionals.

  • Upload product images in bulk

    One of the important parts of a product listing is the product photo. You can upload a large number of product images for multiple products in Magento with the help of FTP. But first, it must be ensured that images are properly named corresponding to the SKU of the products they are related to. Also, they must be properly tagged and verified to avoid duplicate image entries.

  • Restrict the file size

    Bulk product upload, if not done correctly, can cause servers to crash. This usually happens when a product listing’s file size is too big. The best way to avoid crashes is to limit the file sizes while uploading products in bulk. For example, you could create a file with a list of 500 products and then upload each file one by one. This will prevent the servers from getting overloaded. To ensure proper upload, run the uploaded list to check for any errors.

  • Update your existing products

    You can also use the bulk upload feature to update the information or images for the existing products in your Magento store. Just import the SKU field along with the field that needs updating with the help of a CSV file. All the changes and updates made will reflect on your Magento store immediately after refreshing.

    Using the aforementioned tips, you can upload products in bulk on Magento. However, it still is a tedious task, one that will cause you to shift your focus off of your core business tasks. You can save up on valuable time by hiring a Magento data entry specialist. They are data experts who have the complete know-how of product data entry and are experienced enough to devise a strategy that’s best for your store. Read on to find out how hiring a data entry expert can be your best shot.

Magento data entry specialists – Hire one to make the process easier

Here are some of the top benefits of hiring a data entry specialist for your Magento store:

Data entry professionals can not only upload your products in bulk quickly but they can also handle other elements of a product page such as the product description, pricing, specifications, features, quantity, etc.

  • The data experts know how to obtain product information from multiple sources. For example, they can compile product data from the manufacturer’s website or the product catalog and then work on the same to filter out the relevant information based on your Magento listing.
  • Data entry experts are also good at writing product descriptions and reviews that are search engine optimized to drive more traffic and conversions to your Magento store. So, not only can they manage your product data, but can create effective SEO-friendly copies as well.
  • A seller might not have the technical know-how required for selecting and adding product images to their product listing. But data entry experts know what goes down well with the customers, which is why they add visually rich images to your listings, as and when required.
  • Since a data entry specialist holds significant experience, they take the least possible time to upload a large number of products to your Magento store. This means, your products go live sooner, often giving you the first mover advantage.

Bulk product upload is time-consuming. Moreover, it needs you to pay thorough attention to prevent anything from going wrong. To ensure that the upload is faster and error-free, you can make use of the Magento product data entry tips mentioned earlier. Or better yet, get the work done from an experienced data entry specialist to ensure quality as well as to save up on time and effort, which you can otherwise spend on the core tasks of your business.

Looking for a Magento data entry specialist to handle bulk product upload for your store? It’s rather easy to find one at QuikTek Info. Our data experts are highly experienced and have a way with product data management. Write to us at and we’ll connect you with one.

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