BigCommerce Store Management: A Quick Guide to Strategize

October 10, 2018 Bigcommerce Inventory Management, Online Stores Marketing Services

Bigcommerce Inventory Management

An eCommerce platform like BigCommerce is the perfect choice to get your online business started. But in order to fetch substantial profits, you will require a well-thought-out strategy. And now when we are talking about strategizing, an important area to start with is inventory. It needs to be managed critically since inventory turnover depicts the revenue being generated by the company. Another important facet of this management is marketing. Your e-store will get attention and generate sales only if you are able to market it properly. Both these aspects need proper planning for execution.

Here’s how you can go about it:

BigCommerce Inventory Management – Behold And Strategize

Inventory management becomes all the more important once a company begins to expand, especially to POS or other sales channels. Following are some steps you can follow to come up with an effective plan for your inventory management:

Identify All The Possible Factors Affecting Your Inventory

There could be multiple factors that decide how you should be stocking up for your online store. These factors can range from seasons, trends, competition to merely the preferences of a customer. How you advertise your products also affects the demand for your inventory.

Keep Your Highest Selling Products Stocked – Always!

Unavailability of an in-demand product can leave a bad impression on the customers. Once you know that a certain product of yours is a top seller, you must ensure that it is never stocked out.

Decide On The Inventory Volume

When deciding on the space to dedicate to inventory, it is important to understand the sales volume. Sales can further depend on multiple factors such as demand, season, or trends. You can decide on the inventory space by conducting a research on the most searched keywords. Tools like Google Trends and Google Analytics will help you identify the trending searches. You can then plan your inventory based on the acquired stats.

Organize An Inventory Warehouse

Arranging for an inventory storage space is also a crucial part of BigCommerce Inventory Management. You must analyze the amount of space required and choose an ideal location for setting up your warehouse.

Take Advantage Of Technology

Technological advancements have made inventory management easier. Using mobile technology, barcode scanning, etc. can help you manage the fulfillment processes in a more efficient way.

Online Store Marketing – Crucial Areas you Ought To Be Covering

Owning a BigCommerce store is no good if you are not able to bring it to the customers’ attention. The only way you can do that is by devising an effective marketing strategy. And you can always count on experts offering Online stores marketing services.

Here’s how you can plan your online marketing:

Content Marketing: Because Content Is King

Content can be anything – articles, blogs, infographics, pictures, or even videos. As a part of your online marketing strategy, plan when and how to post this content to attract prospective buyers to your site. Analyze your target audience and strategize accordingly.

Leverage The Power Of Social Media

Social media can have a considerable impact on your online business, when done right. For marketing purposes, you first need to identify suitable social media platforms. You could count on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Let your posts be 20% promotional and 80% informative or engaging. Linking these posts to your online store can then be a sure shot way to reel customers in.

PPC To The Rescue

Another way to direct customers to your online store is through Pay-per-click advertising. Though this one requires some funding, it’s a great way to target an appropriate audience on social media as well as in search listings.

Powerful Mailing Lists Make All The Difference

Building a mailing list to promote new products, offers, discounts, blogs or articles can be a big help in attracting possible customers. Use sign up forms to let visitors become a part of your mailing list.

With inventory management and online marketing covered, your BigCommerce store is all set to gain new heights. However, developing the right strategy is also important to streamline all the processes. Following the pointers above can help you with the same.

How QuikTek Info Fits Into The Picture:

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