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January 30, 2018 Magento Bulk Product Upload, Magento Data Entry Specialist

When a buyer lands on your website, you do not have more than a few seconds to create your impression. These few seconds can make or break your sales figures. What is the main determinant that can shift the balance in your favour? The answer is- product pages.

A Magento data entry specialist can blow a new life into your store. Understanding your business goals and target market, experts can create tailor-made product pages that strike a chord with buyers as soon as they are clicked upon.

Before undertaking Magento Bulk Product Upload, keeping the following do’s and don’ts in mind can give you the intended results-


  • Create a clutter-free store
    In a quest to create more visibility for your products, do not create a design that distracts from your main products and seems as if it has been imposed on your store. Create a clutter-free look for your store so that your products get all the attention that they deserve!
  • Improve the search experience of your users
    When you undertake Magento bulk product upload, placing your product in the relevant category is a crucial part of getting your product noticed by the buyers. If you want to give a kick to your stagnant conversions, this is one the most important aspects you should focus on.


  • Focus on the solution, not the product
    Your product description should not merely run around the features of the product in question. Doing so and simply compelling buyers to buy it can cast a negative impression about your product or the entire brand. A rational way to induce buyers to buy your products is by telling them how the product would serve to be useful to them or make their life easier. This helps in creating need for your product in front of people who already have a strong buying intent.
  • A common product description won’t be much helpful
    It is not unusual for buyers to visit a number of eCommerce stores before they land to your store. After seeing a number of products that have been listed in the same stereotypical way, if you exhibit your product in a similar manner, you will not get any competitive edge over your competitors. They may skim through it and move to the next seller. In order to avoid this, your eCommerce store should act as fresh air and chide away all the monotony and create interest in your products.

Personalization is the key! Creating a personalized experience for your site visitors can help in delivering an enhanced user- experience.

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