How To Write Highly Converting eCommerce Product Descriptions

March 29, 2019 eCommerce SEO Copywriting Services, Product Description Copywriting

Getting prospects to visit your eCommerce product page is one thing, converting them into buyers is another. You may be able to leverage a number of sources such as social media, third-party referrals, paid advertising, etc. to drive traffic to your product page, but the road ahead depends on how well you have described your product. A customer deserves to know all there is to know about your product, for which they should be able to turn to your product description.

A lot of online sellers tend to overlook, and eventually mess up this section but it is actually one of the most important parts of an eCommerce product page. A product description must enhance a user’s experience by providing them with meaningful information. This, however, doesn’t just mean merely describing your product’s features. Features are important, sure, but you need to look beyond them. Prospects want to know how your product is going to benefit them or how is it going to fit into their lives to make it better.

Your product description should convey this message loud and clear. And here’s how you can use product description copywriting to make sure that it does:

1. Write for your target audience

Most sellers try to include a product copy that connects with every visitor. This practice, however, doesn’t help when it comes to making a sale. On the other hand, if you craft a copy that specifically caters to your target audience, converting a prospect into a buyer would be much easier. For example, if you are selling a college backpack, you have a much better chance of selling it if your description addresses teenagers. A cool and funky tone might also help in reeling them in. Identify an appropriate audience for your product and write a copy accordingly.

2. Write how you speak

A bland copy never leads to conversions. A formally written product description without any fun/different elements makes your product sound boring. What we’re really looking forward to here is swaying the potential customers with something different. Don’t just write an introduction. Write like you’re actually talking to the reader. Ask questions. Connect with them by stating your product as the solution to their problems and leave them asking for more. Try and engage with your audience as much as you can.

3. Your copy should be scannable

Online shoppers are often in a hurry and are looking to just skim through your product description without having to read every single word. Form your product copy in a way that it can be read in jiffy. The best way is to use bullet points and subheadings, highlighting the most important information. Include infographics, if necessary, to give a more comprehensive view of your product’s benefits.

4. Optimization is very important

Optimizing your product copy is a crucial step, one without which your product listing is unlikely to rank in the search results. Including targeted keywords in the copy helps in achieving higher rankings and hence, more eyeballs. You can find out your targeted keywords with the help of a keyword research tool and include them smartly throughout your copy. Be sure not to stuff too many of them. This part could use some expertise, which is why you must opt for eCommerce SEO Copywriting Services for a perfect result.

Pro Tip: Include one keyword after every 100-200 words.

5. Using power words helps a lot

Power words are very helpful in evoking emotions and curiosity among the visitors. Plus, they make you sound confident about your products, thereby giving your prospects a strong reason to give your product a try. Power words such as guilt-free, healthy, glamorous, intense, captivate, impressive, latest, extraordinary, etc. not only sound intriguing but also raise the quality of your product copy.

6. Mention features but focus on benefits

Sellers often tend to simply focus on mentioning the various features of their items. But the secret to a highly converting copy is describing the benefits of your products, rather than just the features. In fact, associating a feature with its respective benefit will be a much better approach. This will help the shoppers comprehend or understand your products’ uses better and hence, arrive at a decision easily.

7. Describe your product as an exclusive one

Can your product be used in multiple ways? If yes, do make it a point to highlight the same in your product description. Make your product sound exclusive, so much so that it becomes irresistible for the buyer.

High-quality product descriptions can make all the difference for your listings. If you really wish to stand out, use the aforementioned tips and craft something that is both unique and compelling.

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