Product Photo Enhancement: A Sure Shot Way to Fuel Your Conversions

April 6, 2018 Amazon Product Data Upload, Product Image Editing, Product Photo Enhancement

Product Photo Enhancement

When you decide to buy something online, what is the most dominant factor that makes you stick to the product page and look further for its details pertaining to price and features? For most of you, the answer might be product images.

According to a study, nearly 63 per cent consumers consider good images as more important than product descriptions. Your product might offer the best value for money, be highly feature packed, however, if your competitors have better product images, they are bound to steal the show!

Qualitative product images aid in engaging, converting and creating lifetime value for your product.

There are many product photo enhancement experts who can beautify your images to make them look attractive. However, product images that are visually appealing but look too-good to be true shouldn’t be something you should aim for

…Because nobody likes an unrealistic image

There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.

— Robert Frank

Uploading luring images of your products is quite important. However, in the wake of making them attractive, they should not look dolled-up and thereby cast an artificial look. In order to establish a sense of trust among potential buyers, it is significant that the product images should look natural. This can be accomplished with the help of several product photo enhancement techniques like adding shadows that make the product look enticing and ‘real’ at the same time.

Dull images are an absolute turn-off

Since there is no dearth of closely related products, why would a buyer buy a product that has product images that are dull and largely unattractive? It is noteworthy that when it comes to eCommerce, images are an indicator of the quality of the product (at least from potential buyer’s point of view). In such a scenario, product photo enhancement becomes absolutely necessary to fuel your conversion figures. Also, do not underestimate the potential of bad-quality images in casting a negative image of your brand.

Amazon Product Data Upload

It is ideal to seek expert assistance in cumbersome tasks like Amazon Product Data Upload that requires a great degree of expertise and experience. It might seem an unwanted expense at first, however, it pays off in terms of freezing eyeballs thereby achieving the intended sales figures.

Being relevant is the key: Photo Resizing

Different eCommerce platforms and marketplaces have diverse requirements pertaining to the size of images. In order to reap the benefits of selling using these platforms, it is important to comply with their precise image specifications. For instance, Amazon Product Data upload requires images to be of 1000pixels in order to provide a good zoomed-in view of the product. Also, they should fill nearly 85 per cent of the product frame.

Resizing your images might sound quite easy, however if not done in an appropriate manner it can rip your image of its original charm.

Get to know!

Our Product Photo Enhancement Services can add the missing spark to your images. To know more about how we can help you surpass your sales goals with the help of our eCommerce assistance, feel free to write to us at

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