The Golden Rules of eCommerce SEO Copywriting in 2018

March 15, 2018 eCommerce marketing solutions, eCommerce SEO Copywriting

Writing copy for eCommerce websites has gone through many changes over the years. There used to be a time when keywords were liberally used in descriptions and content to the extent of of stuffing. However as search engines have evolved writing copy more or less has moved back to its primordial essence of creating a sense of need in the viewer and explaining why the solutions one is offering are going to help. Although the implementation is quite different with new smarter ways being employed nowadays utilizing many variables like design, typography and user behaviour to woo customers.

Here are the some vital rules for eCommerce SEO copywriting you should consider following this year:

Relevance first

Looking up keywords and searching for products has to a huge extent boiled down to relevance. Online product searches do have certain intent behind them and for your eCommerce website to generate traffic, it is quite important to match the intent of the searcher. Your product copywriting efforts must be purely focused towards relevance to your audience and not merely keywords. The importance of keywords mustn’t be neglected altogether but the first priority must be given to writing relevant copy that your audiences can consider useful.

Non-linear keyword usage

A lot of eCommerce websites in addition to using primarily targeted keywords in their marketing content, make selection of other secondary keywords that are limited in scope. For instance If your main SEO keyword is custom velvet apparel and you choose other keywords like, custom velvet clothing, custom velvet dresses etc, it may not be able to match as many search queries as you would expect. The idea is to include phrases that may be related to your main keyword without repeating the most of the keyword and changing the last word. You can use keywords like luxury apparel and even specify details about your buyer personas in the keyword for example by using the term ” bridal” or any such specific detail.

Complementing the user experience with copywriting

A good user experience is necessary to rank on favourable positions in search results, so the copy chosen for your product landing pages and targeted web pages must be complementary to the design and the overall theme of your website. It entails using copy that is less distracting and simply cuts to the chase without raising any ambiguity in the visitors’ mind. Especially the CTAs on an eCommerce website must reflect shear value and be able to clearly explain to visitors what they are heading towards.

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