Ultimate Tips to Multiply Organic Traffic for your eCommerce Store

March 8, 2018 eCommerce SEO Services Company, eCommerce SEO Services India

Traffic is the fuel for any sales funnel, and its lack can cause marketing efforts to fall apart. Performing well on search engines is the quest of any business, but it always isn’t easy to sustain a good SERP rank for long.

Given how frequently Google’s algorithm changes, ranking well in search results is no less than a riddle especially for eCommerce websites. However consolidating some aspects of your SEO strategy can be helpful in yielding relatively stable results when faced with changing search engine algorithms.

Here are some more than useful tips that can improve traffic and make sure that your SEO strategy doesn’t have to change radically whenever a new search engine algorithm update is released:

Give your website a time to time speed fix

As has been the case for the past few years, your website loading speed makes a huge difference not only on the search engine rank, but also on the user engagement of your website. It is now widely accepted that slow loading web pages are the catalysts for increased bounce rates and low search engine rank. The inability to rank on a favourable position in the SERP makes a website vulnerable to losing traffic. To cover this issue your eCommerce website must be audited at regular intervals and checked whether it is maintaining the requisite loading speed or not, especially with web pages that you want ranked higher. You can entrust dealing with any speed sabotaging elements to an eCommerce SEO services company.

Adopting a mobile-first approach

With your eCommerce store utmost importance must be placed on how your website performs on mobile devices. Although mobile friendliness has been instrumental in securing a good search engine rank for websites so far, later this year Google is set to release an update that would make mobile page speed a ranking factor. Even if your eStore is mobile optimized, you need to make sure that it performs consistently and loads swiftly on all mobile devices.

Improving content relevance

Creating relevant content for your eCommerce company website is the key to stand out from competitors of which their is no dearth in the eCommerce sector. To make your SEO efforts pay better dividends, it is important to maintain a content strategy that fits your sales funnel and is perfectly aligned with your products and services, helping engage your audiences better. One can take cue from prominent retail giants like Amazon and eBay on how to create product listings and content that sells. It is also something that requires frequent competition assessment to find out the ideal content to put out their that is relevant as well as better than what is currently being offered by your peers.

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