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August 7, 2019 Amazon Listing Optimization Services, Amazon Optimization Services, Amazon Product Listing Optimization Services

amazon product listing optimization services

Finished with listing your products on Amazon? Well done! Now you just have to sit back and wait for the magical sales, right? No, not really. In fact, converting visitors to buyers takes much more than simply listing products on the marketplace. Since Amazon is a dynamic marketplace filled with a sea of sellers who have already made a mark and listed their products successfully, it is extremely difficult for merchants to meet their sales targets. But, with a few crucial steps, you can easily improve the visibility of your products, keep tabs on the progress of your product listings, and most importantly, boost conversion rates.

Following are the essential traits of a successful product listing for every seller to take note of:

1. Categorization – Do it the right way


Choosing the right category for your products is extremely essential to get found by your potential customers. Though it can get quite confusing with so many categories and subcategories of products, it would be wise if you choose a category that is being widely used by your competitors to make their product searches relevant. Additionally, ensure that you rightly match the SKUs with the respective categories and align them with the right set of attributes, enabling relevant search results. Take help from a professional rendering Amazon product listing optimization services if need be.

2. Product information – Ensure its completeness & accuracy

Product Information

Make sure you give complete and accurate information about your products to enable your prospective buyers to make informed purchase decisions. For example, if a product is available in a certain variant, size or color, mention it clearly in the description so that they are able to find what they are actually looking for. This will not only enhance your credibility, but also make you a trustworthy seller in the eyes of Amazon, which further leads to better product rankings, and increased conversions. Apart from this, you must highlight the key features, benefits and other important details that a prospective buyer might want to know. It is preferable to put the information in bullet points for making the content scannable.

3. Keywords – Use them judiciously


Including relevant search terms or keywords in your product descriptions and titles becomes imperative if you want Amazon to crawl your product listings and make you appear in the searches relevant to your target market. Don’t just stuff the keywords for the sake of it. Your potential buyers won’t click until what they see or read catches their attention and at the same time, makes sense to them. Make the content sound more meaningful. Still unsure? Hire an expert who renders professional Amazon optimization services and addresses all content related issues such as product review writing, description writing, and so on, giving your products the much-needed exposure.

4. Product photos – Focus on quality & clarity

Product Photo

An image speaks a thousand words. And when it comes to images of products that you intend to sell online, it becomes imperative that you focus on uploading high-quality pictures of your product, preferably in white background, and showcase the product from different angles.

5. Product pricing – Be at par with your competitors

Product Pricing

Pricing is the most important aspect of a product listing. Before finalizing the price of your offerings, you must first analyze how your competitors have priced products under similar categories. Set your profit margins, and subsequently decide on a figure that helps you survive in the market and gives a substantial boost to your conversions. Since pricing greatly impacts sales of a product, make sure that you don’t overprice the product, or set the price marginally low.

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