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May 27, 2021 Product Image Editing

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Those days are gone when your customers have the opportunity to touch, feel, and try the product before buying it. In the digital era, there are only two ways to convince your customers that your products are unique, useful, and of good quality; through your product images and product descriptions. Perhaps, if the photographs of your products are not eye-catchy and convincing enough, the customers will not take the pain to go through the product descriptions no matter how impressively you have written them. So, in order to make the first impression good, product image editing is important.

But, what might put you in deep thought is how to develop quality images without having product photo editing tools and skills. Don’t fret out! We have got a fix for you. This guide is all about how you can outsource product image processing services to experts and attract your customers.

Let’s start!

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Is Bad Quality Of Product Image Impacting Your Conversion Rates?

Well, Yes! You might not have realized this before but most of the customers don’t buy the product or return it after buying it because the appearance of the product on the website is different from the real product.

Moreover, the reputation of the brand also depends on your product’s image. If the photographs displayed on your eCommerce website or channels are not crisp and clean, all the money and time invested in setting up a business will get wasted.

product image editing company

If you use product image editing tricks or outsource photo editing services to experts, all of the above problems will get fixed. Great composition and highly product-focused images will compel your customers to come back again and again to purchase your goods.

Let us take you through some of the Useful Tips To Improve Product Images On eCommerce Channels

1. Search for product photo retouching professionals

No matter how huge a brand you are, you cannot retain your customers with poor product images, and neither can you rectify them yourself. To be able to make your product image look evident and accurate you will have to hire professional photographers first. Professional photographers capture your product from the best angles using their advanced tools and professional photo editors will bring life to the image.

As a result, you will see investing your money in professionals will elevate your brand’s reputation and also boost sales of products.

2. Take notice of lighting used in the background

Even if product photo editing will improve the quality of your brand, ease the process by paying attention to the lightning. The illumination will help you to forecast a 3D image of a product in a 2D space.

If you capture the product under the perfect lighting, your product will appear with its perfect shape and texture on the image.

3. Maintain regularity to adhere to standards

The best way to maintain the consistency of product images is to stick with one professional for capturing all your products. Working with one photographer and photo editor makes everything very cohesive and brings out uniformity in your eCommerce website. When the customers browse your products on any channels like Amazon, Flipkart, or Snapdeal, they find your products more authentic.

It makes your probation and permanent customers recognize your products and brand even when they are shown on other platforms. So, good product image editing will make you a bigger brand.

4. Give information through the product image

Online shopping has been chosen over offline shopping because we are too lazy to move out of our place of comfort. So, why bother your customer more by making them do more research before buying the product. Most of the eCommerce channels and even your own website give you the freedom to upload multiple images. Shoot and edit your picture in a way that it becomes informational itself.

When customers find enough information within the product image itself, they will not delay in buying your products. Just make sure, your product image must have the potential to provide the right information and emotion that customers are seeking.

5. Invest time in making a Video

This tip is absolutely optional but, adding a little more effort in making a video of your product may benefit you with a bonus. As a retailer, if you are able to demonstrate the correct relationship between your manufactured product and the user, no one can stop you from becoming a successful brand.

Hence, make a crisp video using great visuals explaining the usage and benefits of the product and simplify the decision-making process of your customer.

In the rat race of the eCommerce industry, it is very challenging to execute the aforementioned tricks and prevent your business from going into loss. There is where a product image editing company’s role comes into play.

Why Outsource To A Product Image Editing Company And Not DIY?

The main aspects of your product image on eCommerce channels should be to surprise your customers, influence their decision, and make them add your product to their cart. One good quality product image has the potential to do this for you. No customer buys anything without seeing the product image. So if you upload blurry images, your potential customers can be turned off. After all, what else can be more likely to discourage purchases with a product picture of low quality?

“In 2020 online reviews are not enough to convince a customer to buy a product. Modern consumers need to trust the company, product, and experience before purchasing. That’s why high-resolution images matter in e-commerce sales. But static images are no longer enough, either. Consumers demand more, such as 360-degree viewing images that let potential buyers view all angles of the product.”

That is why you need product image editing experts to enhance product images with great composition and focus. Through quality product images, experts will deliver exactly what the customers are looking for while buying your stuff.

product image editing services

So, let’s make sure that your product images are rectified and have the potential to convince your buyers to believe in your products. But, can you bring this change to your product image yourself? No!

Common Mistakes Made While Editing Product Image By Nonprofessional

In case you are still thinking of editing your images on your own, let us take you through the mistakes you can make while doing it yourself. Ignoring going through these errors can lead to ignoring potential customers.

1. Underestimating the background

You must not have some specialized equipment to use in the background of the product, you will click a photo of the product without it. As a result, the image will not be product-focused and the background of it will steal the customer’s attention.

To make your product stand out, it is important to keep everything in the picture simple and clean. Additional items except for the product such as patterns on the wall and extra light, shadow of other objects, and more can divert the customer’s attention away from the product. Hence, not even product image editing but, also the product image clicking should not be done on your own.

2. Keeping the images blur

Sharpness and transparency are the two important things that can attract the human brain. If your images are not clear, you must not upload them. You must be thinking that how can blur images be fixed as they can only be prevented by using a tripod camera. Well, that is where the difference lies.

Product photo retouching experts will use advanced photo editing tools and fix all your blurry images. So that neither you have to upload the wrong images nor waste money on clicking the product images.

3. Cropping the actual length of the product

The accuracy of the image length is the most critical element of product photography. If you over-crop an image or use the wrong ratio to change the dimensions of the product image, it will become more perplexing to define the product.

But if you decide to outsource your requirements to a product image editing company, experts will use the concerned guidelines, golden ratio, and cropping rules in your editing program and crop your image accurately. As a result, your product will not be too closed off the composition and hence the product image will not be claustrophobic.

4. Too much usage of high dynamic range

At times, nonprofessionals think that using high HDR will bring professionalism into the picture. Whereas, this perception is wrong. By increasing the level of HDR, you are making the image darker, and the details of your product will be lost. In this situation, the product image processing services provider knew the correct HDR level to enhance the image. And, according to it your product image would have been retouched.

5. Keeping the contrast too high

The correct amount of contrast can transform your product image from a flat and drab one to a definite one. But, if you are increasing the contrast of the image without any proper knowledge, your product photo may get darker if it is dark or lighter if it is light. When you let the experts edit your product images, they use their knowledge and make the required adjustments only. As a result, your product doesn’t lose the details and conveys the right definition to the customers.

Not only these but, there are many other mistakes you might make while editing the product images yourself such as not turning on the color tonality, over-sharpening the image, and more. Hence it is always a good idea to set your work apart and outsource the product photo editing needs to experts.

How Product Image Processing Services Can Boost Your Sales?

A team of product image editing enthusiasts who are obsessed with photo editing, enriching, and retouching will not make mistakes in your eCommerce product photos. Even if the errors seem to be minor, the edited images will have an effect on consumers.

Key Features Of eCommerce Product Photo Editing Services

Experts use the below-mentioned features and implement product photo editing to make the image more natural and yet beautiful.

1. Retouching the product image

Product Photo Retouching Services

Image Source

2. Removing the unnecessary things

Product Image Processing Services

Image Source

3. Changing the background

Background Removal Services

Image Source

4. Correcting the color saturation

Color Correction Services

Image Source

5. Resizing the image with the right ratio

Image Resizing Services

Image Source

After going through the before and after images of a few products, you will realize what differences a product image editing expert makes.

Advantages Of Outsourcing Product Photo Editing To Experts

Now, let’s explore how your sales will automatically rise after outsourcing the product photo editing requirements to the experts.

1. Only polished product images on the eCommerce channels

If you are in a competitive eCommerce business, your potential customers will come across several companies selling the same items, but their attention will be drawn to the brand that has stunning product images, images that have the potential to influence their final decision. Product image retouching effects will give you polished and professional images that will help you beat your rivals and make your brand stand out.

Besides, your consumers will stay back and may like to explore and purchase additional items as well!

2. Your brand recognition will increase

The methods of retouching and editing product images used by the experts are special and different. Many brands show astonishing product images on their websites and eCommerce channels to leave a lasting impression on their customers.

Maintaining uniformity throughout all the product images is a good practice. It helps the customers to remember the brand and they can identify your product through the product image that it belongs to your brand. So, outsource your requirements to a product image editing company and create your own impression.

3. Business Goodwill will be increased

Your business goodwill depends on how you choose to present your products to your customers. What your customers see on the outside will help them predict what’s on the inside? They associate your credibility with the professionalism and consistency of the product images on eCommerce channels.

Experts will not only edit your images but also help you decide which images you must put on your website or send to your clients. Because, in the eCommerce industry, photos have a powerful impact on viewers. Product photo images editing services help you prevent negative feedback and you will see more customers coming to you.

4. Better feedbacks on Social Media

When you are running an eCommerce business, your promotional strategies are not limited to channels like Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart. You have access to use as many social media platforms as you can use and utilize the space. Using eye-catchy product photos you can reach so many customers and inform them about new arrivals, cheaper deals, and more. As a result, you will not only get more traffic on your page but also get good responses on social media.

As per Forbes survey in 2018, 71% of customers have responded with positive feedback to brands. Whereas 51% of retailers are struggling with their business as they have not advertised on social media. Hence, you can ask content creators to write articles on your products to be uploaded with astonishing product images. But, for the time being, product image retouching will help you attract thousands of people on social media and make them buy almost all your products.


After going through the detailed guide, we hope you understand that product photo editing is not an option, but rather a requirement for your eCommerce business. As product photographs on any platform play an important role in increasing traffic, increasing sales, and eventually growing a company. In case you have more questions before outsourcing product image editing requirements to a company, send an email at and connect with our customer service provider.

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